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Is it a he or a she?

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I was lying there exhausted, I could not move. A woman entered the room and said “Hello darling! I’ve had a wonderful day, I fitted five lovelies, one a lop-sided.” She bent over and kissed the other woman. She bent over and kissed me “I can see that you have been having fun too.”

“Oh yes, darling Mrs Tinge! I did two hours of riding, then this person came to my front door and before I had had a shower it asked me all sorts of questions that I didn’t understand. So I made a pot of coffee and then I had my fun. It was even better than the riding. But after a few hours this person has stopped moving – it just looks at me.”

“Mrs Pearson, why do you use the name ‘this person’. Is it a he or a she?”

Mrs Pearson said that she had no idea and Mrs Tinge removed the few clothes that I was still wearing, I could not resist. “There!” she said, “I think that I have seen this person before...

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