Had he killed them? No.

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Warm June evening. He was walking slowly along the canal tow path to the pub, he wasn't thinking about anything much, the day had been good, the children who had ridden on his back were happy and he was going to The Flask, what more did he want?

“But what's going to happen to the horses, and the girls, and what about Nottingham? Are they really going to build apartments all over where the stables are?”

“Not to worry, Mrs Tinge, I've bought it, the stables, the grounds, the in-house horses, everything. And there are jobs for most of the girls and no problem with Nottingham.”

“Good, good, good! You've saved the day. You're going to get something special tonight, I can tell you. But look ahead, there he is, we're walking faster than him.”

Nottingham stopped, the day was getting even better. Mrs Pearson put her arm around Nottingham's neck. Mrs Pearson was Nottingham's favourite person. Mrs Tinge, on his left side, put her arm around his neck. Nottingham liked being hugged, especially by these two women.

And it was better than that, Nottingham knew that there was something special between the two women, he could feel it. With the two women on either side of him it was very strong. The three of them stood there for minutes.

“Let's go to High Cliff. I'm sure that Nottingham wants to come with us.” He did, but he was rather surprised when they walked straight past The Flask. They turned away from the canal and climbed a path to the top of the first hill; they never reached High Cliff.

The three of them stood at the top for minutes. Mrs Pearson was wondering what Mrs Tinge was going to do to her later that evening; Nottingham was thinking about a beer at the pub and Mrs Tinge knew exactly what she was going to do to Mrs Pearson later that evening, she was looking at the view.

Two young men holding knives came from behind them and demanded money. Nottingham sensed danger, his instincts told him to bolt, make a run for it. But he didn't, because he couldn't and he knew it – he had very short legs.

Nottingham had courage, he had stood his ground against the huge and evil Lancelot, and he had won. All of the horses at the stable were afraid of him, although he was so small.

Nottingham had courage, he walked three paces to the first mugger and kicked him hard with a fore leg and the other mugger with a hind leg.

Had he killed them?  No.

Had he broken their bones?  Possibly.

Were they in pain and unable to stand?  Yes.

Mrs Pearson put her arm around Mrs Tinge and pulled out her mobile phone with the other hand. Nottingham stood guard over the two young men. Soon two men in red were running up the hill followed by a policeman.

The paramedics lifted the first mugger onto a stretcher, the policeman had to handcuff him to stop him struggling. Two more men in red carried away the second mugger, also handcuffed.

The policeman found the two dropped knives and placed them in plastic bags – evidence.

“I see that you have been troubled by our two friends, scum-one and scum-two as we call them down the station house. I've got some questions for you.”

Mrs Pearson and Mrs Tinge put their arms around Nottingham. “You are so brave, you saved us. Time for a drink or three at The Flask.”

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