Nottingham's Xmas Tale

The crown of light on his head.

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Copyright © 2015, Michael M Wayman

It was darker, the days were shorter, it was cold, but Nottingham was all light. He had a crown of candles on his head – he really shone. He thought that the lighted candles were stupid, but so what, if it made everybody happy...

The singers stood holding their lanterns high and singing carols. Nottingham had two little children on his back, a green, red and gold wreath around his neck and the crown of light on his head. Very picture-skew. He could not sing, but he kept the beat with a front hoof – clop, clop.

They walked from house to house and sang their carols and collected money for charity and were given pieces of Xmas cake and all things sweet, but not for Nottingham – he had other ideas.

As shepherds washed their socks by night, All seated round the tub, The angel of the wash came down, And gave them all a scrub.

The last house was Mrs Pearson's, a big show for Mrs Pearson and then all the best for the carol singers – buttered slices of Christstollen, chocolate dominoes, cinnamon stars, mugs of hot Glühwein made with apple juice... But Nottingham didn't like sweet stuff.

Mrs Pearson lifted the two children off Nottingham and put the crown of candles on a window ledge. She knew what Nottingham needed. She put a bucket on the table and poured two bottles of Winter Warmer into it. Nottingham knew what to do.

The next day Nottingham was ready for the procession through the town to the Xmas market, his candles were lit... Oh no, he recognised that sound, Lancelot was coming. Nottingham was small and white and very short-legged, Lancelot was huge and black and evil – no use running away.

He normally hid in the ladies toilet, the entrance was just wide enough for him, but the cleaner's trolley was blocking the way. He decided to stay his ground, time to be brave.

Lancelot rounded the corner and saw Nottingham in lights – panic – Lancelot bolted, he ran away. Ordinary horses are scared of opening umbrellas and slamming car doors and...

But not Nottingham, he had won, he did not need to hide in the ladies toilets ever again. But would he get Xmas beer at the Xmas market?

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