Betty is like a magnifying glass.

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Betty was lying between them, her head in Barbara's cleavage, she could feel Heinrich pressed against her back. The love flowed between them. They were asleep, but Betty was thinking.

Betty did not know why there had been a ceremony the day before and a big party, she did not know what a honeymoon was. She did know that she had to help with the baby-making, last night and today had been good, but Betty thought that the two of them could do better.

Why had Barbara and Heinrich taken Betty with them on their honeymoon? You don't understand, I don't understand, Heinrich's mother did not understand, Heinrich told her that Betty is like a magnifying glass – she makes everything bigger and better.

Barbara and Heinrich were both soft and cuddly, perhaps too soft, Betty decided to do all the choosing of food from the buffet, more red meat and less sweet stuff. And Betty herself must be more active. Barbara had to be pregnant soon.

There was a loud crash and two men burst into the hotel room. They shouted loudly and waved knives in the air. Barbara and Heinrich woke, but could not understand the men, they probably wanted money.

This was dangerous, waving knives around is dangerous. Betty sprang out of the bed and stopped the men's hearts. She opened the window and threw the two bodies out. Betty closed the window and climbed back into bed and clamped herself around Barbara and Heinrich. They knew that taking Betty with them had been a good idea.

No, this is not what happened, but it is what you expected. Betty could kill with one punch, but she had not killed anyone in years. Betty did spring out of the bed, the two robbers screamed “DA BETTY!” and dropped their knives and ran off. Betty climbed back into bed and clamped herself around Barbara and Heinrich. They knew that taking Betty with them had been a good idea.

In the morning Barbara and Heinrich went for a swim before breakfast and Betty lay in the bath tub. Two policemen entered the hotel room to look around, to investigate armed robberies in the hotel. They found the knives and a young girl in the bath and called a female colleague.

The young policewoman asked many questions, but why did the girl not answer. And why was the girl covered with muscles and why did she have such big tits? And why was she staring at the girl in the bath?

Betty couldn't understand much, the policewoman's mind was muddled, something about knives, perhaps something about the two robbers in the night. Betty got out of the bath, the policewoman was still staring at her, Betty gave her a towel.

Why was she staring at the girl? Why was she drying her? It wasn't a girl, it was...

Betty took her hand and guided the policewoman into the bedroom. She stopped and removed the policewoman's gun belt and everything else. Betty wanted her fill of the policewoman.

It was the third day of the honeymoon and Betty was teaching the two of them the plumber's doorstop. It is not a very enjoyable position, you need to be very fit, but it's good for making babies. Betty was happy, the two were making progress.

It was the fourth day of the honeymoon and Betty was watching Barbara and Heinrich in action. She did need to help any more, not even with the foreplay. It made Betty happy to see the two of them banging away with each other, she decided to go down to the seafront.

She was off-duty, she wandered along the seafront, the town was full of holidaymakers, but there was little trouble, just the hotel robberies. However she and all the others had been warned off “Stay away! You have been warned. THERE IS THE BETTY!”

She had seen the videos, no sane person would go anywhere near Betty, but she had been as close to Betty as can be. AND THERE WAS THE BETTY!

Betty was sitting on a bench watching the sea and the people and enjoying the sun, she was wearing a pretty hat and a very small tutu. The policewoman sat next to her and wrapped an arm around her. Betty poured everything she had over the policewoman.