Betty ears

She found naked Betty in a puddle on the floor.

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The floor rose up and smacked her hard in the face. Very odd thought Betty, it's never done that before, I've always walked on the floor, stood on it and sometimes sat on it. What more did the floor want?

Betty was on the way back from the bathroom to bed, she could see the ceiling, she must be lying on the floor. Odd, but she did not have the energy to stand up. She lay there in pain, rather cold.

It was awful, the socwok banged the top of the alarm.
It was better, some music.

But where was Betty? The socwok liked to start the day with a cuddle, Betty too. The socwok got up and found naked Betty in a puddle on the floor. Betty stared at the socwok, Betty was still breathing.

The socwok carried Betty gently to the bathroom and cleaned off the vomit and the blood and the nasty yellow stuff. She rubbed sports gel into Betty's face and dressed her in a white tutu and one of Henni's thick, woolly cardigans. It reached down past her knees, it kept her warm.

Betty managed some milk and white bread soaked in milk. Betty did not know what had hit her. The socwok knew that Betty was very ill and that meant doctor. The socwok carried Betty to the doctor at the other end of the street.

The doctor examined Betty all over, she peered into Betty's mouth and nose and ears with an otoscope. “Betty has got a severe ear infection, probably painful. Her sense of balance is not working, that's why she fell over. I could prescribe antibiotics and painkillers, but why not go to the ear, nose and throat doctor next door?”

The five-hole doctor cleaned out Betty's left ear. “Yes, Betty's left ear looks bad and the right one is infected too; but a course of wide-band antibiotics three a day and ibuprofen for the pain four a day should work. Oh, and some earplugs to soak up the gunge. Bring her back tomorrow!”

Back home Betty saw her face in a mirror, what a face, unnaturally white with tampons stuck in the sides. But at least the pain was less, the socwok was looking after her. She remembered that she didn't feel so good last night, there were a lot of funny feelings in the left side of her head.

She lay in the bed like a lump of lard, white and ugly, not a good idea. She closed her eyes, she almost threw up, she opened her eyes, but it was hard to keep them open when horizontal. The socwok rearranged the pillows so that Betty was half-sitting half-lying. The socwok was good to Betty as she always was.

There were still a lot of funny feelings in the left side of her head and why did her head spin when she closed her eyes? The socwok went to work, a late shift, and Betty's sister Henni came home to look after her.

Betty slept a lot, puked a bit and felt bad. Why was she so weak? Keep taking the tablets. After a few days there was an explosion in the left side of her head, the tampon fell out and brown slime ran down her face. It stank. The funny feelings in the left side of her head were also outside of her head.

It was awful, the socwok banged the top of the alarm.
It was better, some music.
it was dreadful, a woman singing an advert for lavatory cleaner.
It was awful, the socwok banged the side of the alarm.
It was wonderful, it was music, it was Boléro from Maurice Ravel.

Betty knew what it was, Betty had danced to it, but Betty had never heard it before, Betty had never heard anything before, Betty could hear.

Betty wanted to stand and dance, but the socwok held her tight.
Betty said “Mersh!” and the socwok held her tight.
Betty was happy and the socwok was too.

The socwok knew that Betty had changed, but not what. She cleaned Betty's face, inserted clean earplugs, dressed her and took her to the five-hole doctor, who had an idea. But Betty was quicker, the doctor took something out of a drawer, but Betty snatched it and shook it. It was a little brass bell, it rang, it rang in Betty's head, Betty said “Mersh!”

“She can hear. You should take her to a logopedist. I'm so happy that Betty can hear.”

Clean earplugs, the socwok took Betty home. Betty knew two words. “Mersh!” for everything that was good, music was “Mersh!” and the socwok was of course “Mersh! Mersh! Mersh!” and Henni too. Betty pointed at her ears and said “Ooo‑eee! Ooo‑eee!” because they hurt. Betty could also say “I lubs hoo.”

The socwok pointed at Henni and said “Henni”. Henni pointed at the socwok and the socwok pointed at herself “Jane”. Henni and Jane pointed at Betty “Betty”. It was a point and speak game, Betty learnt some words, the most important were Jane, Henni and Betty.

That was new, the lips were for speaking and those funny flaps on the side of the head were for hearing.

That night there was an explosion in the right side of Betty's head, it was very “Ooo‑eee! Ooo‑eee!”

Henni took Betty to the doctor and to the speech-specialist. Yes, Betty could hear and Betty could learn to speak. Henni took Betty to the carnival club to see the rehearsals. Everybody, the dancers and the band, were pleased to see Betty.

Betty walked carefully to the snare drum player and took one of his sticks. She struck it down hard on the drum with a loud smash. It was loud, it was new, it was new to Betty that the band made the music with their instruments – Betty cried.

It was too much for Betty, Henni grabbed her and took her home. The musicians played softly and the dancers waved Betty goodbye.

That was the wonderful surprise, out on the street was the awful surprise, the traffic was very loud and Betty was not wearing earplugs. Betty screamed. Henni stuffed paper handkerchiefs in Betty's ears and took her home.

Jane picked up Betty and held her tight. “I'm going to marry you, Betty.” Betty did not understand, but it sounded good and Betty was happy.

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