on my hols

Betty did not want to thump him.

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Copyright © 2014, Michael M Wayman

Henni and the socwok were driving, they took it in turns, it was a long journey. Betty was happy, she sat on a big cushion at the front of the car and thought about all the lovely days ahead with the two best people on the planet.

Betty could drive, if she stood on the pedals, but far too fast, besides Betty did not have a driving licence.

They were following the Route Napoléon, it was early evening when they hit the coast, it was much warmer here, the flowers and the trees were very different from home, the crickets were singing in the trees.

It was almost dark when they reached the small seaside town just before the border. Henni and the socwok were tired, but everybody just wanted to dump their things in the hotel room and go for a drink on the seafront.

A policeman came up to them and demanded money – they were new in town and had to pay the tourist tax. Betty knew that the policeman was nasty, she could sense it. But what to do? Betty did not want to thump him – they were on holiday.

The policeman sang “I'm a Yankee Doodle Dandy” in a strange voice, he took his phone from his pocket and shouted into it. He turned away still yelling at his phone. The three women headed for a bar.

Henni and the socwok were ready for the beach – sunbathing and swimming. Betty was not into swimming and thought that lying on the beach was as interesting as lying in a flowerbed. She wore a floral, summer dress, that Henni had made for her, and sandals and a pretty, wide-brimmed hat. Betty walked along the beach to the harbour and sat on a bench in the sun.

A little girl sat next to her, about the same size as Betty, she didn't speak or hear, just like Betty. Betty put her arm around her and they looked at the busy harbour life for several hours.

Betty wandered back into the town, it was empty, the shops were closed, it was midday and all the tourists were on the beach. But the town square was full of workmen mending the cobbles, roping off the middle, building a wooden platform, erecting stalls and more.

Interesting, what was happening? Was it the special thing that Henni and the socwok had promised Betty? If Betty had been able to read she would have known: The Tenth Annual International Street Dancing Contest.

Somebody was dancing, it was the little girl and a young man who looked like that nasty policeman. They were holding hands and dancing round a circular flowerbed. Betty was puzzled, but any excuse to dance, she grabbed the young man's other hand and joined the dancing.

The three danced up the street from the town square and around every round flowerbed. Betty understood, the young man wanted to show some little animals in the woods to the little girl, especially the one in his trousers. Was he pleased, two little girls to play with. The little girl was happy too.

Betty was not pleased, on the other side of the road were the woods that surrounded the town on the land side, what to do? The young man felt the clamp, it was not painful, but very uncomfortable. Betty danced the three of them around the last flowerbed ten times and back down the street, past the square and down to the seafront; but not forgetting to dance around every flowerbed.

Betty was having fun, so was the little girl, the young man not so much, but he had no choice, Betty was very strong. As they danced around a flower bed a woman and a man walked up to them – it was the little girl's mum and dad.

The mother grabbed the little girl and hugged her and carried her away. The little girl had been lost for hours. Betty did not let go of the young man, she clamped his other hand. This was very unfortunate for the young man – the father thumped half the life out of him. Not a word was spoken. The father left and Betty let the young man fall to the ground.

The nasty policeman arrived and shouted at Betty, what had she been doing to his brother. He got louder. Betty looked up at the policeman and smiled. This made the policeman more angry. He took his nightstick and swung it down very fast on Betty, but Betty was always quick and sprang to one side. The policeman wopped himself hard between the legs.

There were now two men in agony on the ground and a big crowd of holidaymakers. Betty picked up the nightstick. The video clip of the policeman clubbing a little girl and harming himself was already on the net.

Henni and the socwok were asleep, each had an arm around the other one, Betty was sandwiched between them with her face in Henni's cleavage. Betty was happy, Betty was thinking, Betty knew that love was real, Betty could feel love, Betty could see love. The love was flowing from the socwok to Henni through Betty and back again, just like the waves on the seashore.

Betty bit the socwok's left buttock and Henni's right buttock – time to rise. It was going to be a great day – Betty knew it.

It was dancing and not dancing like Betty knew it. She had never seen sword dancing before. Betty watched all the dancing, she learnt a lot, she remembered the steps, it was so exciting.

Betty practised sword dancing that evening, she had arranged the nightstick and two clothes brushes on the floor, she really needed another second nightstick.

Why were the policemen watching Betty? Was it because of the video clip? They had been ordered not to touch little girls, especially with nightsticks.

Betty thought that the police were useless, they looked miserable, they wore funny clothes, they hung around doing nothing. When something happened they did nothing, Betty did things, Betty was the law, Betty did what she wanted and she usually got it right. Betty had fought the nastiness and the evil in this world and she had won.

Betty wandered up to one policeman and took his nightstick. A second policeman offered Betty his nightstick, but Betty shook her head and went her way.

It was the last day of the contest and time for the best dancing. Betty watched every moment of it, including the speeches and the prize-giving, but heard nothing. Betty had learnt a lot, many new steps and techniques, Betty was so happy, Betty practised that night in the hotel room, Betty had ideas for the next day.

The town square was empty, but the arena was still roped off. Betty placed the two nightsticks in a cross on the cobbles and began to dance. People came to watch, soon there was a large crowd of people, not just tourists. The people began to chant BETTEE! BETTEE! BETTEE! BETTEE!

Betty could see the nasty policeman in the crowd, he was watching Betty, but Betty kept on dancing.