trace of evil

Something went bang in his head.

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Betty did not like the state capital, the city was full of big, pompous buildings and evil people. Instinct told Betty to find the evil ones and kill them; but that would take much time and effort, it was not Betty's town.

Betty was part of a dance troupe that was performing at the annual state fair. There were carousels, prize bulls, beer tents, singing, horse-shoeing, big wheels, candy floss, wine tasting, prize marrows, exhibitions, music, hot dogs, marching bands and of course formation dancing. Betty's dance troupe performed for half an hour every hour from eight until eight. It was a long nine-day week and hard work, but Betty enjoyed it, she was dancing with her friends from her home town.

At the end of the day they marched back to their hotel; in the basement was a wellness centre – sauna, swimming pool, steam room, massage – time to wind down. In Betty's room they all piled onto the bed and drank a few bottles; Betty was always the centre of everything. She shared the room with Barbara, Betty liked Barbara because she was soft and cuddly. Barbara was going to marry Heinrich next month, he was also soft and cuddly.

It was Sunday, the last day, the grand mayor of the city who was also the minister president of the state visited the fair. He pinned medals on everyone, each dancer got a medal. As he bent down to pin a medal on Betty something went bang in his head:


Betty's instinct was indeed to kill him – he was so evil. However he fell to the ground, he made indescribable noises, he scraped a big hole with his hands and feet, he had completely lost it. Two security men carried him away.

Betty had destroyed the evil state minister president without laying a finger on him.