Betty and the space cadets

Betty had set the controls to ALL-EVIL and VERY-NASTY.

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Copyright © 2014, Michael M Wayman

She had been floating about for hours waiting for the batteries to be charged. Betty pulled herself down into the seat and belted herself in. She started the tests.

Power management OK, life support OK, navigation OK, communications OK, rocket control OK, sensors OK, all green lights – Betty could start Operation run one. Operation control ON, Operation sensors ON, Operation test OK, all green lights – Betty could strap the data helmet onto her head – more green lights.

The Operation was the latest technology: the combination of advanced computer software, the newest, most sensitive sensors and a human brain – Betty's brain. Run one was a test scan – ten low-level orbits scanning a tenth of the planet's surface.

Betty had set the controls to ALL-EVIL and VERY-NASTY; ordinary nastiness would be ignored to make the first test run easier. Betty watched the countdown to the start position, the south pole of the planet, and the scanning started.

The new technology had a huge advantage: the connection to human brains. Betty's brain was tuned to nastiness and evil, not that Betty was nasty or evil, Betty's mission in life was the suppression of nastiness and the elimination of evil persons.

Betty was surprised how many NASTY and EVIL points on the planet were found; quite a few in oceans. It certainly looked successful, but the recorded points would have to be visited and checked.

Heavy brain work for Betty, but run one was finished, Betty was tired but happy, Ground Control was happy with the data too. Five longer runs were planned to scan the whole of the planet. Betty looked forward to being back on the planet with the other space cadets and eliminating evil persons.

But first Betty needed to sleep, she removed the helmet, floated away from the seat and tethered herself to the padded wall of the space capsule.