They lost the use of their legs for weeks.

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“You three are a picture: grandmother, mother and daughter.” said the woman in a red coat. “We are not related.” laughed the socwok. “I am taking Mrs Bramley to live with her sister in Northtown by the sea. Betty is my friend and minder.”

“I'm a social worker and Mrs Bramley needs a little help.” Mrs Bramley said that she was looking forward to being with her sister, but it was a bit unsettling to be on a train, she had not been on the railway for years.

Mrs Bramley stood up and wandered down the train, where was she going? The train was crossing a bridge as she grabbed a door handle. Her hand was immediately clamped, it did not hurt, but it was very firm. Betty helped Mrs Bramley back to her seat.

The woman in a red coat said that Betty did not speak much. “She never speaks, never has done, she is very small, but she is older than me.”

After four hours the train stopped in Northtown and the socwok helped Mrs Bramley onto the platform and through the passenger tunnel. Betty carried the two large and very heavy suitcases.

Two young men ran through the tunnel and snatched Mrs Bramley's handbag, great alarm. Betty downed the two suitcases and chased the two men. They lost the use of their legs for weeks and Mrs Bramley got her handbag back.

Great emotions, Mrs Bramley and Mrs Bramley together again after all those years. Betty and the socwok walked along the promenade, they had two hours before the train back. They ate fish and chips – first the salt and then the vinegar.

Betty liked the seaside, not that she wanted to sit on the beach or swim in the sea. Everything was different, it looked different, it smelled different, it felt different, it was windy – what a lovely day.

On the journey back the socwok sat opposite Betty. She looked at Betty – she stared at Betty – this pleased her very much. She thought about what Betty would do to her when they got back home – this put joy into the heart of the socwok.