The trouble was that they swung about.

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They were big, they were heavy. But that was not the problem, Betty always carried herself upright. No, the trouble was that they swung about, which was uncomfortable or even painful, especially when Betty was dancing, which she did mostly.

Betty wore tight clothing, children's clothing, to keep everything in place; why couldn't she wear what her sister wore, but no, not available for little girls. Betty was half the size of her sister Henni; and they were the only part of Betty's body that were full-size, more than full-size.

But Henni had an idea, Henni took Betty to that shop in the High Street, the outfitters for ladies' apparel. Betty had never been inside before, clothing for rich and older women, rather old-fashioned. They walked to the back of the store and passed heavy-duty underwear in various odd shades of pink, underwear to stop tank shells.

The two of them entered a small window-less room. “Good morning, my name is Mrs Tinge, please take a seat. I think I can see where the problem is.” Betty saw the twinkle in Mrs. Tinge's eye, Betty decided she liked Mrs Tinge. “Just take off your tutu and I'll measure you up. Oh, what a wonderful pair of lovelies. This will take some time, but I'm certain I can create just what you need.”

Mrs Tinge took a tape measure and wound it round Betty several times and wrote lots of numbers into a notebook. “The rest of the measuring I do with my hands and fingers.” Mrs Tinge had warm hands and lovelies were her business.

Henni was a little jealous, you could trust Mrs Tinge, she was always perfect, she knew what to do with her hands and fingers, Henni decided that she needed a new fitting too.

After about an hour Mrs Tinge smiled and moved to one of the two old-fashioned sewing-machines, one with white thread, one with pink. “I assume Betty wants a white one.” After ten minutes Mrs Tinge helped Betty into the new creation. It was just what Betty wanted, was she happy. “Looks good, so far, it's made out of four, butchered and sewn together. But it's not yet perfect, so off with it and we'll try again.”

Mrs Tinge knew what to do with her hands and fingers, after three more fittings and an hour it was perfect. Mrs Tinge was happy and Betty looked in the mirror and was very happy.

It was the end of the day and Mrs Tinge had had a good day. Four customers, Mrs Pearson and that very pretty girl Betty with the fabulous pair of lovelies in the morning. Mrs Pearson was very rich and came for a fitting at least once a month, unnecessary but she did buy a lot of clothes in the shop. Mrs Pearson had reasonable lovelies and Mrs Tinge did her best for the shop turnover.

The third lady had a perspiration problem, hot and wet underneath, and worse they moved about and got sore. No problem, more uplift and more support; uplift to let air underneath and support to stop the movement. Mrs Tinge remembered that one woman had said that she used two slices of toast bread to keep herself dry.

The fourth lady had one large one and one very large one. No problem for Mrs Tinge, lopsidedness was one of her specialities.

Mrs Tinge grabbed her coat and her handbag, said goodbye to the other staff and left the store. She felt her right hand being grasped very strongly, not painfully, but definitely “You are coming with me.”

She looked to her right and saw Betty, who must have been waiting for her. They walked down the road together. Perhaps Betty wanted to do to her what she had done to Betty that morning.

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