all night long

Myrtle closed her eyes, she was slowly disappearing into Betty.

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Copyright © 2014, Michael M Wayman

Betty was dancing down the street, she was happy, tonight was a party and she was returning home from dance practice. All the girls would be there, a few boys and of course Heinrich, and the boy that Betty picked up in the street and carried home.

The three of them were drinking beer sitting on a low wall, they were not happy, the beer was cheap stuff in plastic bottles from a supermarket, it tasted like washing-up water. And there was someone who was happy, happy enough to dance down the street. “Let's hustle her!” cried the big guy. “Let's not!” cried the small guy. “That's THE BETTY!”

Betty danced past them, no time to stop, perhaps she should tie the three together and roll them to the bus station for a long-distance ride, some other time.

Betty got home in time to help with the preparations, she carried the furniture around and made some tasty meatballs and a dip. She had a quick shower and changed into a green tutu. The guests arrived – let's have a drink.

The party was in full swing when Myrtle arrived, no one had expected Myrtle to come, she was invited, she was one of the cheerleaders, but she was very shy. Myrtle had drunk half a bottle, Myrtle was not so shy, Myrtle had trouble speaking, Myrtle was sat down, sandwich in one hand, a cup of coffee in the other. “Good that you came.”

It was the second round of “Pass the Betty”, Henni put Betty on Tilly's lap facing her. Tilly hugged Betty and kissed her, Betty liked this, everybody cheered. After five minutes Tilly put Betty on Myrtle's lap, a big surprise for Myrtle, a big hug from Betty.

No one had ever done this to Myrtle before, Myrtle liked it, Betty kissed Myrtle, oh so gentle. Myrtle closed her eyes, she was slowly disappearing into Betty, she did not notice half an hour later that someone had turned down the music.

“I've got something to tell you all” said Barbara. “Heinrich and me are getting married this year.” She put her arms around Heinrich, everybody cheered. Heinrich knew nothing about this, Heinrich cried, Heinrich was soft and cuddly.

The music played, Barbara and Heinrich danced, everybody danced, but not Myrtle and Betty. Everybody had a good time.

Myrtle opened her eyes, Betty was still on her lap, it was dark, they were alone in the room. Betty grabbed a bottle of wine, took a big gulp and gave Myrtle a mouthful. Betty jumped off Myrtle's lap and carried her to bed. “What's she going to do with me?”

The next morning Myrtle couldn't remember anything much about the evening before, Betty repeated everything for her. Henni woke and put her arms around the two of them, it made Henni happy to know that Myrtle was happy, Betty was always happy, that made Henni happy too. “Time to get up and clear up the mess.”

Betty dumped Myrtle into an armchair, vacuumed the peanuts and broken glass from the floor and put the furniture back into place. Breakfast. Myrtle did not say much, but she was happy. Henni hugged Myrtle and asked “Why don't we go for a walk?”

“I don't come here very often, I'm frightened of the muggers.” They climbed up the big hill on the heath. “Frightened? It's the muggers who are frightened, frightened of Betty.” They reached the top of the hill.

“Hello Dorothy! Hello Barbara and Heinrich! Congratulations! Fancy meeting you just at the top of the big hill.” Said Henni.

Myrtle looked at Dorothy. Dorothy looked at Myrtle. Myrtle was very shy. Dorothy was very shy. But Myrtle's life had been changed the night before.

Myrtle ran at Dorothy and kissed her.