three old ladies

After two mounds of pasta and a pond of red wine.

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Copyright © 2014, Michael M Wayman

Betty was 21. It was time to celebrate, Betty did not know why, but hey, any excuse to have a party. Henni decided to invite everyone to the best restaurant in town, it had to be the best for Betty's birthday.

Betty sat between Henni and Mike on a big cushion, she wore a maroon-coloured tutu. Betty ate a four railway stations pizza and a plate of mixed pasta with lots of grated cheese on top. It was a big table with twenty people and the food was great. Betty really liked the food, but there was something very strange about the restaurant, Betty could feel it.

Mike had given Betty a camera as a birthday present and shown her how to use it. Betty took lots of pickies and some selfies. It was time to play “Pass the Betty”. Henni picked up Betty and put Betty on her lap facing her. Henni hugged Betty and kissed her, Betty liked this, everybody cheered.

Tilly picked up Betty and hugged her, more cheering. Betty was passed around the table, everybody had to hug Betty, everybody wanted to hug Betty. After half an hour it was Mike's turn, he got it right this time.

The street door opened and a cold gust of something bad entered the room. Three men entered and sat at the best table. Two bodyguards and the big guy. The waiters crowded round the table and brought expensive bottles of red wine and schnapps, the bodyguards searched the restaurant. The big guy was very big in the horizontal direction, not so much in the vertical.

Betty ate a cheese plate and studied the big guy – he was evil, really evil. Betty waited for her chance. Betty's friends ignored the big guy and celebrated. The big guy ate a big mound of pasta covered in sauce. Betty had the idea of shoving his face into the mound, but decided against it – a waste of good food.

After two mounds and a pond of red wine the big guy made his way to the rest room, but without a bodyguard. Betty followed him after a minute. The big guy was sitting in one of the stalls, he was too fat for a urinal. Was he surprised to see Betty. Betty punched through his forehead, she was glad that she was wearing maroon.

Betty waited for the bodyguards, Betty was having fun, no one expects a little girl in the men's room. Betty stacked the two dead bodyguards one each side of the big guy. She took some pictures and went back to the party.

On the way home she showed Mike some of her pictures, Mike was really interested, he changed the memory card and gave the camera back to Betty. Betty did not understand, why was Mike not coming back to the house for more partying, he probably wanted to do something nerdish.

But Mike did come to the house an hour later, he showed Betty the home page of the restaurant that he had hacked – there were the three guys propped up on a lavatory with their heads caved in.

Oh dear, what can the matter be, three old gangsters stuck in the...

Mike had also sent the picture to the media, the police had a load of work that night.

Henni looked at Betty. “You are a homicidal thug, do you know that Betty?” Betty smiled and buzzed.