She beheaded the eggs.

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His name was Heinrich, not Ricky and certainly not Heini. He had always fancied Henni, they had been in the same class at school. It was Friday night and they were both down the pub and they got talking.

More than talking, they drunk too much. “I'm going!” said Henni as she banged her glass down on the table. Heinrich followed her out, they nearly fell over in the cold, fresh air. She leaned on him, that was good. He helped her home, and they sat on the sofa. “I gotta go.” She threw up in the lavatory, urgh.

Just after Henni disappeared out of the room Henni reappeared dressed in a pea-green tutu and sat on Heinrich's lap. Heinrich found this very odd, he was sure Henni wasn't that small. Small Henni kissed Heinrich and why? Any friend of Henni's was a friend of Betty's.

Henni came back and put her arms around Heinrich, Betty mauled Heinrich, Henni fell asleep. Betty jumped up and carried Henni and Heinrich to the bedroom. Betty gently undressed them and put them to bed. Betty had been dancing at the carnival club, she had had a good day, she climbed onto Heinrich and kissed him asleep.

Heinrich woke in the early hours, should he believe that the two of them were sisters and that they were asleep naked on top of him and beside him?

Betty woke and put on a pale blue tutu and went to the hall with the big mirror and bar, time to practise her ballet positions.

Betty made breakfast for three on a tray and carried it onto the bed and sat between them. She beheaded the eggs; she cut, buttered and jammed the bread rolls. Mugs of coffee, Betty hated tea. Betty liked to make Henni happy and Heinrich too.

“Let's go for a walk on the common, it'll help clear my head.”

“But it's a good place to get mugged.”

“That's OK, Betty likes muggers.”

“Likes muggers?”

“Betty likes to kill them.”

Betty cooked dinner that evening, Betty had plans, Betty wanted to enjoy Henni and Heinrich. Heinrich had plans too.

Heinrich was mad about football, Heinrich's mother worked at the stadium, Heinrich did volunteer work for the fan club, Heinrich had tickets for the Sunday match. Henni was not interested in football, Betty had no idea what football was, but they went because Heinrich had invited them.

Betty sat on Heinrich's lap to get a better view; the players wore funny clothes and ran around and had fun; Betty liked that. The police wore funny clothes and stood about and looked miserable, useless thought Betty.

The cheerleaders marched onto the pitch and danced and jumped about. Betty went long yellow fruits and threw her arms into the air. She climbed onto Heinrich's shoulders to get a better view. Heinrich was soft and cuddly just like Henni.

At every break in the game the cheerleaders strutted out followed by a marching band and performed, Betty went wild, Betty carefully watched every routine, Betty wanted to be a cheerleader. Heinrich's team won, he arranged that Betty could be at the next cheerleader training session.

Betty danced one of her carnival routines and then a routine based on what she had seen at the match, Betty had been practising all week, the band kicked in and played, Betty had wonderful timing.

Wonderful dancer, great feminine figure, but slight problem – Betty was half the size of the cheerleaders and Betty could not shout or sing. Heinrich had the idea, Betty should march five paces in front of the cheerleaders and lead them onto and around the pitch.

Henni sewed Betty's cheerleader uniform in the club's colours, it was very skimpy. Betty practised every day. The next home match was soon.

Fifteen minutes before kick-off Betty marched out of the tunnel to the centre of the field. She marched alone, why was one very small cheerleader marching alone without the band across the pitch? The spectators watched open-mouthed, then they laughed, what was this silly little girl doing?

Betty did a short routine, jumping, pirouetting, somersaulting; the crowd cheered. She stopped and looked about rather puzzled; she strode determined back to the tunnel; the crowd laughed.

She stopped before the tunnel, jumped in the air and waved her arms. Did she have springs underneath her boots? More laughter.

The band played, the cheerleaders marched out, they stopped five paces from Betty, stamped time and waited for the band. Betty turned and marched to the centre of the field, all the cheerleaders and the musicians could see Betty. Follow Betty! The crowd cheered.

Routine number one – cheering, shouting, jumping, pirouetting, somersaulting. Follow Betty! The crowd cheered.

Betty marched back through the two lines of cheerleaders and through the musicians followed by the cheerleaders and the band to the north-east corner – routine number two.

They performed in all four corners of the field. Betty was buzzing and not only Betty, the cell phone in Betty's cleavage buzzed. Betty cut the routine short and marched everyone off the field and through the tunnel to the dressing room – time for the football to start.

In every break the cheerleaders marched onto the field led by Betty and performed. Betty held her head up high, Betty was happy, Betty liked to show off. She spotted Henni and Heinrich in the crowd. Great time.

But in the last break something bad happened, only Betty noticed, Betty could feel it, like the tide coming gently in, there was a wave of evil.

Heinrich's team won again, had the cheerleaders helped? After the players had finally left the field Betty led the cheerleaders and the band out. Betty didn't want to, but everybody wanted to go out and perform – it was traditional after a win.

Betty was watchful, the evil was stronger, Betty could feel it; but the band played and the girls cheered. Betty did not stop for a routine, but led everybody around the pitch in a great circle.

Bang! Fireworks hit the pitch, Betty marched faster towards the tunnel, but shortly before the exit a stun grenade exploded. Everyone ran down the tunnel, Betty followed. The right-wing hooligans entered the field from this side and the left-wing hooligans from that side – fireworks, smoke bombs and stun grenades.

“Where is Barbara?” Betty could see that Barbara was not in the dressing room, where was she. Betty shut the dressing room door after her, this was a job for Betty – alone. No, she wasn't in the tunnel. Betty walked out into the thick smoke – where was she?

Betty followed the evil. A hooligan ran across Betty's path, he made a grab for her clothing, Betty threw him in the air. Betty liked doing this – a painful landing but not usually fatal.

Betty followed the evil and there she was. Poor Barbara was completely disoriented by the stun grenades and had run away in the wrong direction. Two hooligans had caught her and ripped off her uniform. Betty taught the two of them that flying is fun, but the landing is very important.

Betty picked up Barbara and took her back to the dressing room. Betty was having fun, Betty went back on the field to give more flying lessons. Betty picked up one hooligan and threw him against three others – great fun.

The smoke cleared, Betty grounded the rest of the hooligans. No, running away was useless, Betty wanted a full score card, heaps of moaning hooligans were everywhere.

Back in the dressing room Barbara, wrapped in a large towel, was crying. All the other girls were gone, picked up by their boyfriends. Betty waited with Barbara, but no one came.

Betty put an arm under Barbara's knees and the other under her back and lifted Barbara up and Betty kissed her. Betty carried Barbara out of the stadium and down the road to home. While waiting at a crossing Betty lifted Barbara again and pushed her face into Barbara's soft stomach – mmmmmm.

Betty carried Barbara into the bathroom and into the shower. Henni washed the heavy make-up, blood, sweat and tears from Barbara and then Betty. Henni dried and brushed Barbara's hair, Betty rubbed sports gel into the bruises, TLC.

The door opened and there stood Heinrich framed in the door frame. He stared at Barbara and she stared at him. Betty pushed Heinrich into a chair and placed Barbara on his lap. Henni handed Betty a bra and a pair of knickers and searched for a blouse and a skirt.

Betty dressed Barbara and kissed Heinrich. She sat on Henni's lap, she put her arms around Henni and her tongue down Henni's throat, anything to make Henni happy.