loose bullets

He was a vegetable in the vegetable patch.

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Copyright © 2014, Michael M Wayman

He had six months to stop her, there was no way that she could stop him, no way that a thirteen-year-old girl could stop the Police Chief of Winchester County. His name was on Betty's list.

Betty thought that the police were useless. Betty knew that people wore funny clothing to have fun, Betty did that herself. Everyone at the carnival club wore funny clothes when they were dancing or marching. Betty danced, wore funny clothing and Betty had fun.

What to do? The Police Chief sent six of his Special Police Force to arrest Betty. Can you imagine what these six policemen thought? Six Specials to arrest one little girl, the national treasure who had killed hundreds of bad guys, the redeemer of the whole country.

The Specials were no fun, what did they want? Betty chucked them into the canal, by luck they landed in the shallows, but the fire brigade needed an hour to free them from the deep mud.

The Police Chief was angry, the Police Chief was losing it, he decided to shoot Betty, anywhere he could get a shot at her.

Betty did not understand the police, they wore funny clothing, but they just stood around and looked miserable. The fire brigade wore funny clothing and played with fire and had great fun, Betty always danced at the annual fire brigade ball. As you know, the police do not have balls.

If Betty had known that the police's job was law and order she would have laughed, but silently. A group of heavies kept order at carnival events, Betty sometimes helped them, usually trouble with drunken young men. The heavies were fun guys, Betty often drank a few beers with them on Friday nights at the Brown Jug.

Betty was bored, it was Tuesday night, time for the black corner group, but tonight was newbies' night, two young men learning to fell trees with their bare hands. Betty had to be there, she was the supremo, but it was Mike's job to train the new guys.

But there were three new guys, one of them pulled out a gun and aimed at Betty. Mike was quicker, he kicked and snapped the man's leg. The man fell on his back and fired his gun into the air – not a good idea. The bullets went up and the bullets came down. They landed on the man like wine glasses on a stone floor. One by one the connections in his head snapped.

The men in red carried him away to hospital. He never recovered.

Betty looked out of the hospital window. The man was slowly hoeing weeds in the garden. Betty did not understand. The man had been the Police Chief of Winchester County, he had lost it, he was a vegetable in the vegetable patch.

The socwok picked up Betty and pushed Betty's face between her chin and her tits; just as a mother would have done with an upset toddler. She held Betty tight – that was the best she could do.