gang of four

The tip of a chair leg ripped through the teacher.

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Betty often woke in the early hours of the morning, that she didn't sleep the night through didn't trouble her, Betty was alone with her thoughts. Her mind wandered back to her childhood.

Betty and Henni looked very similar in those days, the same size, the same good looks. People thought that they were identical twins, but Betty was a year older than her sister. They were very close, they could communicate with each other, though Betty could not hear, speak, read or write. They both liked dancing; Betty did martial arts such as Karate, Chop Suey, Judo and weight-lifting; Henni went to school.

Betty remembered the great fuss about the mayor. Betty and Henni danced at the carnival club, the famous Four Crosses Carnival Club, everybody who was anybody in the town was a member of the carnival club.

It was odd, the restroom was locked, Betty went to find the other restroom somewhere behind the stage. And there he was, the evil and nasty mayor of the town. He bent down to Betty, he wanted to push his hand into her frilly knickers, Betty pushed her hand at great speed into the top of his head. EOM. Betty walked on, the cleaners would find him in the morning and put him in the trash, Betty was desperate for the restroom.

The police asked questions of everyone in the building, asking little children is difficult, the police psychologist tried very hard, but Betty didn't understand. Had someone asked her if she had killed the mayor she would have nodded her head, but everyone was too clever for that.

Betty decided that she liked killing people, the evil and nasty mayor of the town was no loss. The people in the town agreed, it was good that he was gone, there was more trust in the town, people were happier, life was better.

Henni and Betty had built a tree house together at the end of the garden. It was their secret place, they could hide there, they could kiss and cuddle, they could watch the street.

And who was that walking by? It was the priest and little Klara. The priest was on Betty's list of evil and nasty people, Henni knew too that the priest was a bad man. Klara was a little girl who was none too bright and mostly ignored. Betty pinched Henni's nose and the two of them got down to the ground and secretly followed the priest who was holding Klara's hand.

Interesting, the priest went to the house of another evil and nasty man, a school teacher. He opened a small door at the back of the house and took little Klara down into the cellar. Henni and Betty looked through a small window to see the priest, the teacher, a policeman and a doctor. You've guessed it, the four men were all on Betty's list.

The priest pulled off Klara's clothes, very nasty, Betty pinched Henni's nose again. The door was locked. No problem, Betty kicked down the door and punched the priest in the shoulder. You could hear his bones cracking. He dropped Klara – Henni grabbed her and ran out – and he dropped to the ground.

The policeman picked up a heavy chair and brought it crashing down on Betty, Betty was never slow, she jumped away, the tip of a chair leg ripped through the teacher and she punched a large hole in the back of the policeman. EOP. The doctor was a bit cleverer, he ran away. Betty chased him, grabbed one of his feet, dragged him back into the room and threw him against the wall. EOD.

But there was still evil in the room, Betty looked around, Betty trod on the throat of the teacher, EOT, and kicked the heart of the priest, EOP. At last there was peace in the room, Betty was happy and the evil was gone.

Henni remembered the gang of four, that was the name the media gave to the four dead men. Henni knew what Betty was going to do, Henni had seen Betty killing a man in the woods, Henni knew that Betty liked killing people, Betty had probably killed the mayor.

Henni knew what to do, she grabbed little Klara and her clothes and left the horrid cellar room at high speed to the canal. She dressed Klara, sat her on a bench and waited for Betty. Henni and Betty sandwiched little Klara between them on the bench and Klara cried.

Klara did not remember much, she did not want to. On that day the worst and the best had happened to Klara. Klara had been unhappy, Klara had been ignored and Klara had been shouted at all her life. And then the four nasty men, just awful. Henni and Betty were nice to Klara, just wonderful. Klara did not understand, Klara was confused.

Klara's brain started to work, it threw out all the bad stuff, Klara was no longer confused, Klara was a different person, Klara was happy and wanted to stay happy. Klara's life started on the bench beside the canal tow path.