float number nine

She's got a black belt in violence.

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It was cold, but Betty didn't mind, Betty was warm, Betty was very warm, Betty was dancing, Betty was dancing on float number nine.

Betty danced and the band played. Everybody could hear the band except Betty. She did not know why the band played with their toys, but the guys were good guys and made good vibrations. Betty was buzzing too.

Betty's dance routine lasted three minutes, she repeated it time and time again, with variations, especially in the potholed Park Street. However the float was stationary most of the time, one of the other floats had technical problems, the carnival procession made one circuit of the town along Park Street, the High Street and Laburnum Avenue instead of the planned three.

The young man asked himself why he found the young thirteen-year-old girl so interesting. Yes, she could dance and yes, she was pretty, very pretty; but she was still a child. She was the star of the show, everybody wanted to see Betty dance, it was the high point of the procession.

The young man could not follow Betty's float, the crowds were too strong, but he knew the town well and cut through the back streets to see Betty again. Once more along Park Street and across the main square.

The mayor of the town shook the hands of all the dancers, musicians and marchers; he kissed Betty on the cheek. Betty liked the mayor, he was a good man, he had goodness in his heart, not like the last one. The last mayor was full of evil and was one of the first people that Betty killed. It was years ago when Betty was a little girl, there was a big fuss at the time.

Betty's float drove slowly away from the town centre to the club house. The Four Crosses Carnival Club was the biggest and the best in the town. Party time – the young man watched Betty down a big glass of beer.

Betty needed that, she had been dancing for three hours without a break, she grabbed a steak sandwich and kissed everybody she knew at the club.

The young man met a friend of his parents. “That young dancer will make a fine wife for some man when she grows up.” The young man was fishing for information. “Oh, you mean Betty. She's a great dancer, she's the best in the club, the star of the carnival, we are all very proud of her.”

“But I better warn you, she's not a child, she is older than you are; that young woman she is talking to now is her girlfriend. And she's got a black belt in violence, remember what happened to the last mayor of this town, keep away from her.” The young man did remember, something to do with a little girl, rather nasty.

Betty wanted to stay, but Betty was tired and very sweaty and tonight was the carnival ball. Betty needed to shower and crash-out. She walked home with the socwok. The socwok had had a good time, she was a marcher wearing the club's colours and throwing beads, pens and stuff at the spectators.

The young man realised late that Betty had left and had to run to catch up with the two of them. He told Betty how well she danced and how pretty she looked and and and... Betty stared at him, this happened often to Betty, normally she shook her head and walked on. But the young man had goodness in his heart and Betty fancied him.

Betty picked him up and carried him home. Betty was warm, she was covered in muscles, she had a body of steel, she also smelled nice. It was embarrassing as a full-grown man to be carried along the street by a little girl. The young man also noticed that Betty held him in a ring of steel, he had no choice.

She dropped him gently onto the sofa and removed his shoes. She left the room with the shoes and the socwok. The message was clear.

You are staying here! Don't move!

The socwok removed Betty's fine uniform and washed her under the shower. The socwok washed Betty which Betty liked and Betty washed the socwok which the socwok liked. This is what they normally did.

Betty's hair was still damp when she sat on the young man's lap, the socwok sat next to him. Betty was very demanding, she wanted the whole person, she used all her senses, she wanted to see every part of him, feel every part starting at the ears, feel the warmth of his stomach, smell his wrists, touch him all over with every part of her from a butterfly kiss to a strong grasp, not just have sex with him.

But Betty was not all take, she wanted to give all of herself to him; however she slumped onto him and crashed her face into his neck. “Oh, Betty has fallen asleep.” These were the first words that the socwok had spoken and Betty had not said anything. The young man was still in a state of surprise, the girl he wanted was asleep on his lap and there was another pretty girl sat right next to him. The socwok put her head on his shoulder and fell asleep.

“Wake up! Wake up!” It was Betty, Big Betty. “I've got the costumes from the club house, you're going to be a carnival prince tonight.” What was she talking about and why was she so big? And why was Little Betty still on his lap?

She laughed. “I'm Betty's little sister. Call me Henni. We've got thirty minutes to get ready, I've ordered a taxi.” The young man woke Betty and the socwok and followed them to the bedroom. The costumes were grand, it took time to dress. Betty stood on a chair and kissed the young man and the socwok.

Of course Betty was the star of the ball, she danced with everybody, everybody had goodness in the heart. You know what had happened to those without. The young man danced mostly with Henni and the socwok. It was a great evening.

Betty slept on the young man that night.