Betty's list

The socwok knew the fate of the grand mayor.

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Six months were up, there had been four on the list, but two had given up everything and had moved to the other side of the planet and another now worked in a charity hospital. One was left, the grand mayor of Big City.

Mike bought a group ticket and Betty, Mike and the socwok took the train to Big City. It had taken time, months, before the socwok could accept that Betty killed evil and nasty men. The socwok knew the fate of the grand mayor.

Betty strode up the centre aisle of the parliament to the podium, all eyes were on Betty, the grand mayor was giving a speech, but he stopped in mid sentence. Betty jumped up onto his speech and kicked the mayor's head up into the gallery. EOM.

Betty walked back along the aisle and stopped. She wrenched two politicians from their seats, one from each side of the aisle, and dragged them to show to Mike, who wrote their names in the new list. Betty dropped them.

Betty, Mike and the socwok walked across the river; why does every big city have a river running through it? The traffic on the bridge had stopped, Betty opened the door of a big, black limo and dragged a large man out and dumped him on the walkway. It was the police chief of Winchester county and the third on the new list.

Betty, Mike and the socwok took the train home and had tea and cucumber sandwiches.