Betty by day and night

Some kids pulled off his clothes and stuck a large sunflower in his behind.

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Copyright © 2014, Michael M Wayman

“That's Betty walking under the police line and across the square. She breaks into the bank which is under siege. In the bank is an evil man waving two guns at three scared young women hostages. The bank robber stares at Betty and fires two shots at her feet. She grabs his wrists and crushes them, he drops his weapons, Betty jumps up and kicks his rib cage in with her feet and leaves the bank.”

“Yep, that's our Betty in the video clip. Did you notice that Betty ignored the three girls, Betty did not know what was really happening, Betty just knew that the man was evil and needed removing.”

This was a shock for the socwok, she knew that Betty was violent, but not that she could kill somebody in seconds and liked doing so. What am I doing, she asked herself. I'm deeply in love with a woman half my size who cannot hear, speak, read or write and likes to kill people. I must be crazy.

The socwok had an idea, perhaps she could take Betty with her on the next day which was a Monday. The socwok had arranged to meet several of her clients in the housing estate on the north edge of town. She hated it, as did all her colleagues – the housing estate was a good place to get mugged or raped or worse. Perhaps Betty could protect her.

Betty was in a state of shock, why was she so deeply into the socwok. Betty liked to play with women, Betty liked to play with men, Betty loved her sister. Betty had once made love to two evil men and then killed them – double fun. But why was she so into the socwok, she had lost her independence, she could not do what she liked, she had responsibilities.

Betty knew that the next day was a workday and that the socwok would go somewhere and that she would have to go with her. Betty was OK with that – she did not know what the socwok did and never would.

Betty and the socwok drenched each other in love that night. Perhaps tomorrow would be a good day.

Betty had her best pink tutu on, but the day started badly. Two young men with knives ran out of tower block number one and threatened Betty and the socwok. Betty threw them in the canal – they probably drowned.

But the word Betty soon made its way around the housing estate and there was no more trouble. It was a good day and when they got home there was Henni with a plate of sandwiches. “I thought that you would need something to eat before going out again.”

The socwok took a big bite and fed Betty using mouth-to-mouth nourishment, Betty and the socwok were very close.

Monday night is of course dancing class at the carnival club. Dancing is very important for Betty, the socwok took a seat and watched Betty and the other girls. But how did Betty keep time to the music – she cannot hear.

The dance master stopped playing the piano – the girls kept dancing – and he walked over to the socwok. “You don't understand, Betty can't hear the music, Betty is the music.” The other girls watched Betty for the timing, as did the dance master on the piano. “Betty can't dance to recorded music – Betty dances and the band plays Betty.”

Somehow the dance master could communicate with Betty, by touching, making gestures, moving her limbs, thinking. The socwok felt a little jealous – the dance master was somehow special to Betty.

The last number was the girls' carnival dance, much jumping, pirouetting, cartwheeling and splits at high speed. The socwok walked home with the very sweaty Betty. She took off Betty's tutu and washed her under the shower.

Another day at the housing estate, just a little trouble. A large drunken man tried to hit the socwok – he didn't like social workers. Betty grabbed him by the neck, forced some metal railings apart with the other hand, jammed his head through the hole and pushed the railing back again. Some kids pulled off his clothes and stuck a large sunflower in his behind.

Tuesday night is of course violence with the black corner group. Violence is very important for Betty, the socwok watched Betty and the other guys knock down trees with their bare hands. Betty won the prize for folding a bicycle into the smallest lump of scrap.

The socwok was not happy, she did not like violence, she did not want to lose Betty, why was Betty so violent. The socwok was worried. However the socwok loved Betty and she knew that Betty loved her. This was important.