the socwok

It was heavily bolted and locked, but that didn't stop Betty.

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Copyright © 2014, Michael M Wayman

Betty was walking home and thinking about the social worker. The socwok was odd, she wasn't evil, but she had funny ideas, she wanted to take Betty from her home, put her in a home and send her to school.

Maybe the socwok wanted to help Betty, but why would anyone want to help Betty? She didn't need any help. Betty could do anything that she needed to do, she looked after her younger sister Henrietta, no one mugged Henni when Betty was around.

There were three things in Betty's life – dancing, violence and Henni – soon there would be a fourth. Betty walked under the police line and across the town square, it was unusually empty. Betty could not hear the police siren and the loud hailer voice telling her to get the hell out of it, but she could feel the evil coming from the bank.

She entered the bank through a back door, it was heavily bolted and locked, but that didn't stop Betty. There was an evil man waving two guns at three scared young women. He stared at Betty and fired two shots at Betty's feet.

Betty grabbed his wrists and crushed them, he dropped his weapons, Betty jumped up and kicked his rib cage in with her feet, Betty liked killing people, evil people that is. Betty left the bank and continued home.

Why was Betty thinking about the socwok? Why was Betty hoping that the socwok was still at home? What did Betty want to do to the socwok. Betty was puzzled.

Betty's brain works differently than your brain or my brain. Betty cannot hear, she never learnt to speak or read or write, she does not know what words are, she does not know her name, she doesn't know what names are. But she knew that she wanted to play with the socwok.

The socwok was still at home sitting on Henni's lap, she stood up and walked backwards away from Betty. She was scared of Betty, Betty could feel this too, the socwok was not evil, the socwok was scared, the socwok was something else, that Betty did not understand.

The socwok didn't want Betty anywhere near her. “Please don't hurt me, please!” The socwok walked backwards away from Betty, she hit the wall, stumbled, slid down the wall and sat on the floor. This was just the right height for Betty, who took the socwok's head in both hands and kissed her on the cheek and licked her ear.

Betty calmed the socwok and picked her up and carried her to Henni's bedroom and put her on the bed.

Henni and I followed Betty into the bedroom. The socwok was still scared. I told her to relax, Betty wouldn't hurt her, not in a thousand years, “Betty loves you. She's softening you up now, making you feel good, then she will fondle you all over, you'll like that too. And the best bit is when she brings you to the boil – could take a couple of hours.”

Henni sat on my lap. Watching Betty making love with somebody is almost as good as making love with Betty.

I'm a total failure. I came here today with three policepeople to take a little girl into care, that is to a children's home where she could go to school for the first time. That's part of my job as a social worker.

But no, the little girl tied the three policepeople together, bundled them into their police car and drove off. What could I do? Now she's come back and... No, I refuse to say what she is doing to me now, but I like it.

The socwok had had boyfriends, but nothing like Betty. The love poured out of Betty and soaked into the socwok. It was wonderful.

It was good fun playing with the socwok, Betty was pleased, Betty buzzed. It was better than playing with her sister Henni and Betty knew about weekends. Tomorrow was Saturday, that meant two days playing with the socwok.

I woke in the night, Henni had her arms wrapped around me and Betty was sleeping on the socwok. I was really pleased that Betty was so happy.

Betty had her fill of the socwok in the next two days. On Sunday afternoon Henni decided to go for a walk across the fields, Betty liked that, maybe she could kill a couple of muggers.

As the four returned to the house something very strange happened to Betty, she suddenly flew through the air and was pressed firmly but gently against a brick wall. This had never happened to Betty before – can't say that it has happened to me either.

The love poured out of the socwok and soaked into Betty. It was wonderful. This was new to Betty. There were four things in her life now and number one was the socwok.