army no buzz

She does not bother with footwear and underwear.

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Copyright © 2013, Michael M Wayman

I was having fun with Betty and a TV reporter one morning. I heard a small army marching up the stairs. The social worker, two policemen and a policewoman stomped into our bedroom.

The socwok read out a lot of legal stuff which we didn't understand. Then in the local language she explained that Betty needed to go to school and that Betty would be taken into care and be moved to a home for difficult children. Betty laughed silently.

Betty jumped out of bed. Seeing naked Betty covered with muscles froze the small army to the floor. Betty bundled the three policepeople together and bound them tightly with their own handcuffs.

Betty threw the socwok onto the bed and climbed into a wardrobe to find a dress. She does not bother with footwear and underwear.

Betty picked up the bundle and took it downstairs, out of the house to the police car. I looked through the window. Betty threw the policepeople onto the backseat, got in the front, turned on the flashing lights and siren and drove off.

I did not know that Betty knew about the police, always something new to learn about Betty. I put my arm around the socwok and kissed her to comfort her “Don't worry, Betty will be back soon.”

Betty left the police car with the siren screaming, the lights flashing and the bundle of policepeople in the town centre.

She had never understood the policepeople, they were part of a collection of funny people who wore funny clothes. Betty was certain that the socwok was also one of the funny people, though she didn't wear funny clothes.

Betty thought deeply about the funny people as she walked home. She did not notice the very nice man holding his car door open.

“Hello; little girl! How would you like to come for a ride with me? Jump in!” Betty ripped the car door off, wrapped it round the very nice man and put him on the roof of the car.

Betty thought about the socwok, perhaps she was not so bad. Betty decided to play with the socwok when she got home.

No, the socwok didn't want Betty anywhere near her. “Please don't hurt me, please!” The socwok walked backwards away from Betty, she hit the wall, stumbled, slid down the wall and sat on the floor.

This was just the right height for Betty, who took the socwok's head in both arms and kissed her on the cheek and licked her ear.