Betty the buzz

Betty began to buzz, all over.

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Copyright © 2013, Michael M Wayman

It was Thursday. Betty was building a new cupboard in my room. I picked up Betty and kissed her. Betty began to buzz, all over.

Henni and Betty had decided to move out of their room and move in with me to make room for Tilly. I told Betty, who cannot hear, that I thought it a good idea, Betty buzzed louder.

I had always wanted Henni, I got her sister Betty too. Betty is very small and doesn't speak or hear, but she is so much fun. Betty looks after us.

On Saturday we went for a walk on the heath, a nice day, but really bad. Two young men threatened us with knives, a mugging. One picked up Betty “Yer money or the kid gets it!”

It was terrible, there was nothing I could do to save him. Betty drove both her elbows into his chest. He let go of his knife, Betty and everything. Betty had broken his heart.

The other guy lunged with a knife towards Betty, he looked into her eyes and turned to escape. Too late, Betty punched him in the back, he folded like a Swiss Army knife, but backwards. Betty had broken his spine.

I picked up Betty, put her across my shoulder and we ran home. I put Betty on our bed, Henni and I sandwiched Betty between us, Henni and I needed that.

Next morning the radio told us about two young men who had been murdered with a sledgehammer on the heath. I phoned the local police and later a young man, a detective, came to visit us.

No, he did not believe us, no way, little Betty, just no.

A year later in our bank I was paying in some money when the guy at the other cashier drew a handgun and demanded money. Betty began to buzz. Betty grabbed the man's gun, bent the barrel and threw the useless gun through the man's head. It was not pretty – the man will not be robbing banks again.

Betty is the sweetest of creatures.