the dead man and the bitch

I decided to say nothing about Claire.

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Copyright © 2013, Michael M Wayman

Of all people it was Claire. She with the reputation, she, one of my best workers, she the pretty one, she who had a weekly subscription for boys, every week a new boy and always good-looking. She of all people was in bed with the wife.

Oh, did I shout and bawl! And it got worse, much worse.

I woke up in hospital, the wife was there, the wife explained everything. I had had a stroke, I probably couldn't speak, I would probably recover slowly.

She took me home, I couldn't speak, there was no sign of Claire, I decided to say nothing about Claire. I wanted to say nothing about Claire, but I could not speak.

She took me to our house by the sea, I slowly got better, I had never really liked life by the sea, everything too slow. Now it was not so slow, my brain was functioning again, I could speak, I could walk, I realised that I had slowed. There was no sign of Claire, I decided to say nothing about Claire.

I got better, life by the sea was good, I even made love with the wife a few times, was this the last autumn of my life?

She took me back to our home in the Big City for Xmas, she planned a quiet but festive Xmas for the two of us. She prepared a big, special meal for Christmas Eve, I took a nap in our upstairs bedroom, I needed a lot of sleep.

When I woke it was dark, I needed to go to the bathroom, I got up and staggered out of the bedroom onto the landing. Too quick, too fast, I found myself flat on my back.

The wife came running, I was not hurt, nothing broken, just a bit winded. However I could not stand up, I was too weak. I needed help, a couple of paramedics could help me to my feet or whisk me off to hospital.

I did not want to ruin the evening, the whole Xmas, but I could not get up, I sat on the floor upstairs, very inconvenient.

The wife used her mobile phone and help came quickly. But not two men in red – it was Claire. She grabbed me from behind and with help from the wife got me upright. The wife shoved a chair under my behind and I sat down fast.

The three of us ate a great meal together sitting on three chairs on the upstairs landing. It was a wonderful evening, the two of them helped me to bed, Claire said that she had been a nurse before she got into advertising.

Claire and the wife are with me all the time, they help me with everything, the wife on one side, Claire on the other. I am fading fast.