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I get creamed every day.

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Copyright © 2008, Michael M Wayman

There was a naked girl lying face down on the bed.

All the covers were wrapped round the boy. Dawn light entered the room, the boy rolled over onto his stomach and covers landed in a heap between them.


This is the best part of the day, I can look up and see the ceiling and watch the flies buzzing around.

Yes! You're right there. I'm normally covered up in trousers, but 'e don't wear pyjamas. What about you?

Oh! She normally wears knickers under her skirt and a nightie at night, but it always rides up. I like to see things too. But being covered up keeps us warm, doesn't it?

Yeah! But last winter he would keep sitting on cold walls and things, and I got the farmers.

Oh, dear! I am sorry.

Oh, it did not last long. He went to the doctor and a lot of fuss was made about me. I got creamed every day. I still do. It makes me feel good, even when he sits on me.

You know, we had a good time together last night, he was good and she really liked it.

Do you think so? She didn't say anything positive.

Oh, yes! That's just her. She's a bit of a silly bitch really. Wait until next time.

He thinks that he is a man about town, but he's just as silly. Perhaps when they wake up in the morning they'll do it again.

Here's hoping!

bottom down

There was a naked girl lying face down on the bed.

Oh, do cover yerself up Darling! Yer'll get cold.

Engel in Berlin, Popo in Schwerin

Engel in Berlin,
Popo in Schwerin


Es lag ein nacktes Mädchen bäuchlings auf dem Bett.

Wer ist das denn?
Ist es vielleicht das hübsche Mädchen, das mich jeden Morgen in der U-Bahn anlächelt?
Ist es vielleicht die nette Kollegin, die mich zum Abendessen einladen will, seit vier Jahren?
Es ist bestimmt nicht meine Mutter, die immer auf Enkelkinder hofft.

Ich habe nur drei Worte für dich: ICH BIN SCHWUL! Und...


Und es ist gut so!

Ach was! Du machst nur Witze! Stimmt's?

Na, ja! Ich wollte nur Spaß haben.

Dann fang mal an! Dreh mich um!

bottom park

There was a naked girl lying face down on the bed.
Well, I've got to have somewhere to put the bike.

bottom beautiful

There was a naked girl lying face down on the bed.

Actually there were two naked girls lying face down on beds.

One of the judges took the physical measurements with a large pair of callipers, another judge tested the skin elasticity, then the skin colour, and so on.

It all takes time and it's done every time. But the TV people insist on it – nice long close-up shots. And this was the finals, so it took even longer.

I knew it, it's always the same, I've been in this business for years, the judges won't be able to choose between the two of them. For twelve years now I have been top judge and every year I have to give my casting vote. I don't know – they are both perfect – they are both beautiful. Who can choose?

Oh! I've got it! The one on the left has prettier dimples!

bottom and top

There was a naked girl lying face down on the bed.

Well, there's a pretty bottom! I thought to myself. What's the other side like?

I turned her over.


Yeah! She was ugly!

WHAT DID YOU DO THAT FOR? You were s'posed to stay with my pretty side. I can't help it if I'm ugly. The boys just have their fun with me and kick me out of bed. They call me names. They call me ugly. They are not...

SHUT UP! I wanted to smack her face.

You are not ugly! I lied. You are just plain, like most other people. Which I think is true.

Do you think that I think that I'm beautiful or handsome? No, I'm plain Jane too. Or perhaps plain Ian sounds better.

What you need is a few hours at the hairdressers and the beauty shop. Get that face made up!

I meant a visit or five to the cosmetic surgeon, but I couldn't say that. Perhaps she would get that advice at the beauty parlour.

What you need is self-respect – you need a better opinion of yourself. Don't let the boys push you around. I'm going to ask you to do something.


Stand up! And kick me!

OK, but harder!

Good! Now have your fun with me!

These stories are dedicated to Burkhard Richter, because he can draw and paint naked girls better than I can write.

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