you little bag

Just add water!

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Copyright © 2008, Michael M Wayman

I was cleaning the cupboards when...

There was that bag of assorted adults that I bought so long ago. It was all scrunched up. The destructions were hard to read – just add lots of water and wait – but I could read no more.

I dumped it into the bath tub and added a lot of water.

A few months later it swelled and legs and arms appeared. I waited. Some weeks later there were adults in the bath tub. Those with legs were standing up.

Yes, something to look at – pity about the legs and arms. I put those with the wrong number of legs and arms into the trash can. You will go for nice ride tomorrow, bye, bye.

They wanted clothes – they said they wanted the clotheses. They did look odd in my clothes – little skirts and blouses. Next day they said they wanted real clotheses. I bought some old stuff from a charity shop. This made them happy for a few minutes.

There was a growing of legs and arms in the trash can – late developers. They crawled out and also wanted clotheses. I visited the charity shop again.

I had no idea how many there were now – counting the number of legs and arms and dividing by four did not work any more.

They said they wanted the food. I opened twenty tin cans of ravioli. This made them happy for a few minutes.

They said they wanted the hot food. I opened twenty more tin cans of ravioli and heated the ravioli in the trash can. This made them happy for a few hours, that and water from the rain butt.

They were nothing much to look at – not much fun at all. Why had I not bought a bag of grade A1 screwable males? Probably not much more expensive!

However this crowd of losers were taking my time and money. What to do?

Crowd of losers? Aha! I knew what to do.

I hired a truck. Hey you guys! We're all going for a nice drive. I tossed them into the back of the truck and drove them to the CRaHp office in the middle of town.

You always vote for the CRaHp party, don't you? I don't, but don't interrupt the story!

I backed the truck into the office and tipped the crowd of losers onto the floor.

I'm just delivering some more voters. You always want voters!