flash and scream

Finding a car to drive is no problem.

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Copyright © 2008, Michael M Wayman

I like going for car rides. Unfortunately owning a car is very expensive, so I always steal a car from the next street.

Finding a car to drive is no problem, it's just that some people think that someone who looks as if they are only thirteen should not be driving a car. So what!

Last time I got stopped by the police I told the police officer that I wanted to drive his very nice police car, with the lights flashing and the siren screaming, and drive it very fast. Yes, I would like that.

He did not like the idea. I told him that he did not have to drive with me – his choice.

It was great fun. Real fast. It was a very fast car. It was great, especially as all the other cars got out of the way when they saw the flashing lights and heard the screaming siren. And the look on their faces as they saw me at the wheel.

I shot several red lights and did a few fast U-turns. I nearly rolled it – I was glad that I was wearing my safety belt.

After an hour I got bored and drove into town. I left the police car, still with the lights flashing and the siren screaming, in the red light area by the railway station and walked home.