Kim and the source of the Nile

I knew that there was danger there.

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Copyright © 2009, Michael M Wayman

I knew everything in the apartment – it was time to go.

Everything – I had touched everything – I knew every last bit of DEE and Mammie. Where should I go? To the source of the Nile.

I opened the door and went outside. I knew that there was danger there. Aha! I found it. I could hear the great openness – it was there – the stairs. I felt it with my foot. I found the hand rail. So far, so good.

I pushed out one foot and I found it – the next stair. I stood on it with one foot and then with both. The hand rail was a big help. I did it again. I was going down. I was learning fast. It got easier, but I was careful.

Soon there were no more steps – no more stairs – I could hear it.

I opened a big door and went outside. Big surprise!

Big surprises! Big problems! It was cold. There was nothing to eat. And it was loud. Big loud smelly things kept moving past me – probably very dangerous.

What to do? I was not ready for this. I must do more thinking. Perhaps I was too young. I think that I am six years old, but I could be younger.

I went back inside and found the stairs. I went up. Going up is easier than going down. Soon I was back in the apartment. I climbed onto DEE and pushed all the levers to full power – good old DEE – and had a good think.

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