An institution was obviously required.

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Copyright © 2008, Michael M Wayman

There were the anchor men, then the animals and now the politicians.

Some men and also a few women were causing trouble, they would keep talking on TV and they wouldn't stop. What to do? An institution was obviously required, something to contain them, basically a large box that does not look like a box from the inside.

To confuse them they were given the name anchor men and anchor women. Sounds interesting? Doesn't it? What actually happened was that a coat hanger was put on the back of each anchor man or woman and each anchor man or woman hung on a coat hook on a wall in a small room. There they could talk as much as they liked, without filling TVs with their talking.

The coat hangers were put into the jackets of the anchor men and women – quite simple really. And those who did not wear jackets? Easy, a coat hanger was permanently glued or screwed onto their backs. Later it was decided to glue and screw a coat hanger onto the back of all the TV people. It was just so much easier.

Actually the animals were not the problem, it was the people who wanted to look at them. A real problem, especially for the animals. These people stared at the animals for hours, sometimes the animals ate them, however this was not the problem, no, the problem was all the staring people blocking the roads and pathways and saying funny things like ooh and aah and sooh and saah.

The solution was easy. These people were placed in a large fenced off field with a few animals to look at. They just stand there and say sooh.

So what is the trouble with politicians? Don't they stay in their parliaments, assemblies and senates? Haven't they already got an institution? Well, no! They keep coming out and shouting. For instance, they often stand in the middle of a town, shout and hand out coloured pieces of paper. Why we don't know. But it is a problem. They even appear on TV without coat hangers.

The first pilot scheme has been tried in an old aircraft hangar – basically a very large box. Here the politicians can shout as much as they like. There is a machine that prints out coloured pieces of paper that they can give to each other. There is a small TV studio where they can stand and shout or sit and shout. Around the inside wall are several thousand TV screens. They look at the screens and shout and give out coloured pieces of paper. They are obviously much happier now.

This has been quite successful and the scheme will be extended to all politicians. Have you got a large building such as a hangar to offer?

Have you read standardised and in boxes?