how to get things done

About two Drossies per step.

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Copyright © 2008, Michael M Wayman

What will it cost to get everything OK'd?

Oh, about two Drossies per step, about ten steps in all.

That's cheap!

Yes, but it will take fifteen months minimum, perhaps fifty.

Oh, so long!

Well, if you pay me 400 Drossies it will probably only take two or three months.

Oh, so long!

Yes, but if you pay me 500 and my boss 5000 then only three weeks.

Oh, that's good, but my girls would like to meet you. One night with my girls and...

Oh yes, on the next day everything would be done, but my boss would have to come along too.

No problem, my girls want to meet you and your boss, be it he or she.

Have you got enough girls? I mean...

Oh yes, enough for a week or two.
I must say you know how to get things done in this country.

Have you read hire a choir and bottom it?