Three ways to gone!

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Copyright © 2009, Michael M Wayman

She was gone. He just sat there. He did nothing. He just sat at his desk and did nothing. She had left him. She had found another. He had not worked for days. He could only think of her. He played the same piece of music over and over again. He did not do any work. His colleagues were upset. What could they do? One of his colleagues came to his desk and spoke to him and put a hand on his shoulder.

She is gone. I can't accept that she is gone. When is she coming back? I must accept that she is not coming back. When will it resolve? I play the same track on my uropod time and time again. But it does not drive the pain away. I can't work. I don't work. This is bad. I feel guilty. My colleagues rely on me, on my work. And I am not working. No one speaks to me. Oh, no! Here comes Jessica. She's going to shout at me. She knows everything. She knows me. Oh!

She's gone. You got to accept it, Paul. She's gone, Paul. Pull off those headphones! Do something! And try to forget her! It will take time. Jane has left you. Jane has left you for another. I'm going to hurt you. Yes, she left you for a girl, Judy from the other department. Yes, I know that hurts. But, Paul you have to know the truth. And the truth is. Paul, are you listening? The truth is: you are hurting, we are hurting. You are part of a team. When you don't work, we can't get our job done. That means no bonuses. Got it? Look Paul! You are coming home with me tonight. And I will remove your pain. Paul, you know that I can do that.

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