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Seven decoratative urns – frost-proof and with patina. Suitable for a rock garden.


These little black metal and glass lanterns can be stuck in any flower pot or flower bed. Push a night-light candle (without the aluminium shell) into each lantern and light them up at night.

lanterns at night

plant stand 3

A bird table made from a wooden sleeper (railroad tie) with an old plastic chopping block from the kitchen nailed on top (easy-to-clean after the birds have shat on it and doesn't hurt your head much when gardening). I usually put a potted geranium on it in summer. The stone on the left is a findling.

plant stand 9

This permanent stand is made of concrete building blocks painted white and anchored to the ground. However it is too close to the silver birch tree. I sometimes put my washing on it before pegging it out to dry, geraniums look good on it too. Left of the table is Lunaria annua.

Hangerloo 1

At the end of the garden, where the fairies live, lies a lonely, old lavatory by a silver birch tree. It had been bolted to the wall for 25 years and had been sat upon every day by many different people. The lavatory thought to itself, that was grand, that was living.