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It is one of the unique characteristics of the Brexit crisis that it makes winners of none and losers of all.

“There will be no downside to Brexit, only a considerable upside.”
David Davis 10 October 2016
“Getting out of the EU can be quick and easy – the UK holds most of the cards.”
John Redwood July 17 2016
“The free trade agreement that we will have to do with the European Union should be one of the easiest in human history.”
Liam Fox 20 July 2017
“We’re not really interested in a transition deal, but we’ll consider one to be kind to the EU.”
David Davis 15 November 2016
“I believe that we can get a free trade and customs agreement concluded before March 2019.”
David Davis 18 January 2017
“I am not worried about transitional arrangements. I am prepared to take the economic hit to secure the economic benefits of not being inside the Single Market and being outside the Customs Union. I simply want… a quickie divorce.”
Michael Gove 17 November 2016
“We are going to get a deal which is of huge value and possibly of greater value.”
Boris Johnson 16 November 2016
“Within two years, before the negotiation with the EU is likely to be complete, we can negotiate a free trade area massively larger than the EU. The new trade agreements will come into force at the point of exit, but they will be fully negotiated.”
David Davis 14 July 2016
“Within minutes of a vote for Brexit, CEOs would be knocking down Chancellor Merkel’s door demanding access to the British market.”
David Davis 4 February 2016
“The cost of getting out would be virtually nil and the cost of staying in would be very high.”
Boris Johnson 6 March 2016

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