tin can of delight

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Copyright © 2014, Michael M Wayman

Mrs Cook was an old lady who lived next door; she took my sister and me to see Peter Pan (or was it Hansel and Gretel) at the Arcade Cinema (long gone) around the corner. One day she gave me a big tin can, perhaps it had been used to hold biscuits, full of interesting things; I was six or seven.

Many years later I saved (over years) all sorts of little things in a big tin can and one day gave it to the two young boys next door; they played with the things for weeks.

My second tin can is almost full:

four plastic tickets to an auto and technik museum
World Cup Brazil football card
18 small cards
9 starzone cards
12 football cards
paper crown from a cracker
piece of leather
coloured string in a bag
stick-on Tattoo
11 Xmas cracker mottoes
pink wrist name band
red heat-sensitive fish (place on palm)
blue and orange truck
plastic spacecraft
coin with black chimney sweep
2 heavy Engeltaler coins
decorative piece of metal
2 metal buttons
small folding magnifying glass
yellow horseshoe
plastic horn
pink spinning top
blue ring with water pistol
red and gold ribbon
small bell with red ribbon
small bell with gold ribbon
2 silver bells
rabbit pendant with gold ribbon
pink ribbon
yellow ribbon
3 red plastic roses
12 piece jig-saw puzzle in a matchbox
4 bandages
Skat playing cards in a box
green wooden block
pink furry pig
small white porcelain pig
5 cotton reels
red propeller
ping-pong ball
2 red spoons
tape measure
yellow jumping frog
2 red/black cracker tricks with rubber band
3 pipe cleaners
short yellow pencil
tiny picture
artificial violets
black mole
lurid-coloured ball-point pen
red wooden rabbit on a stick
11 hair bands in various colours
2 pairs red balls joined with elastic
small CD
2 fir cones
bottle stopper lever-operated
red Mickey Mouse watch
white bead hair band
4 small wooden balls
2 folding maps