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Aldi P5320D MEDION AKOYA MD8358 PC bought February 2011
After power connection PC runs for about ten seconds; the lights are on, the fan blows, it makes booting noises; then nothing. Pressing the front on-off switch does nothing, it does not click. Perhaps the switch is defective.

Five months after I bought a new PC it wouldn't boot. It had been really good, much faster than my old, last century PC. But why had I not listened to my brother, and built my own PC? No, I had bought an off-the-shelf model from a supermarket, which probably had non-standard parts and a weak power supply unit.

I used my old slow PC, I ignored the new one, I didn't want to do much after an eye operation. After three weeks I had to do something. I read about PC problems, especially about power supplies. Did I need to replace it? Was it propriety? A special part?

The PC ran for about ten seconds (everything external unplugged); the lights were on, the fan blew, it made booting noises; then nothing. I removed the power cable, put the PC on its side, undid two screws and removed the side panel. I checked for loose screws and loose power connectors.

Everything OK, but what was that funny, loose plastic moulding hanging on wires behind the bottom of the front panel (in front of the hard drive)? It held a LED lamp and a push button switch.

Aha! It took ten minutes to push it back into place. It was of course the front panel on-off switch. Problem solved! If it falls off again, I will fix it with white PVA glue.

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I also changed the BIOS "Power Management" option "Restore on AC Power Loss" from default "Off" to "On"; now I don't have to press that button after powering up.