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In the software world
it is good to be certified.
And I mean that most intransitively, folks!

In the good old days most equipment had a reset button to restart it. It was often very small, hidden round the back, and sometimes in a deep hole so that you had to press it with a small screwdriver. These days – no reset button. You can still reset something though – just pull the power plug or take out the batteries. Plug it back in after one minute (or one hundred years) and it should restart.

Failure-free computing – turn it off and keep it that way.

By the time you read this,
you will have a lot of milliseconds behind you.

I don't write.
I don't type.
I tap at the keys.

I use a computer mouse with the left hand, I can use the right hand, but that is reserved for tapping at the keyboard. When people see this, they ask if I am left-handed. Why do they ask? And why are they surprised when I say no?
I tell them that I use left-handed scissors to cut my nails on my right hand. They ask what are left-handed scissors? I tell them that in the 1950s people who wanted to use a mouse in the left hand got their left hand tied behind their back.

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