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Copyright © 2008, Michael M Wayman

One day Big-Tone was fixing my computer. There is always something to fix. But Big-Tone never says fix, oh no, it is always configuration or installation or so.

“I've installed a new program of mine.” He was so proud of it. “It's called dogjen.”

“It generates poetry, automatically. You won't need ever to write it yourself any more. Look at this, stanza control, vocab-clustering, sonnet-accelerator buttons, on-line thesaurus, a drop-down list of abab, abcb, limerick, tercet/quatrain, gilpin and so on and so on.”

I was so impressed. I said thank you and said that I had been using his tailjen program for years.

tailjen?” he said, somewhat surprised, “I don't remember that. Are you sure?”

“Oh, yes, how do you think that I write stories?”

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