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Herbs and Spices that I use – a very short list of herbs and spices

name deutscher Name in my
allspice (pimento) Nelkenpfeffer   dried whole or ground seeds
basil Basilikum yes fresh or dried leaves, use in pesto
bay Lorbeer yes dried leaves
caraway Kümmel   dried seeds
celery salt Selleriesalz   salt mixture for potatoes in the jacket
chives Schnittlauch yes fresh or dried leaves
cinnamon Zimt   dried whole or ground sticks of bark
cloves Nelken   dried buds
cumin Kreuzkümmel   dried seeds (chilli con carne)
dill Dill yes dried leaves
fennel Fenchel yes dried seeds
five spice Fünfgewürz   mixture for Chinese dishes
game mixture Wildgewürz   mixture for game dishes, hare, venison
garlic Knoblauch   fresh or ground bulbs
ginger Ingwer   fresh or dried or ground root
herbes de Provence Kräuter der Provence   mixture – general purpose
juniper Wacholder   dried seeds
lovage Liebstöckel yes Maggikraut for soups, pesto
marjoram Marjoran yes fresh or dried leaves
mugwort Beifuß   rub inside of goose before roasting
mint Minze yes fresh or dried, (not peppermint)
nutmeg Muskat   hard nut or ground
oregano Oregano   fresh or dried leaves
paprika pepper Paprika   red ground powder, several types
parsley Petersilie yes fresh or dried leaves
ramsons Bärlauch   bear's garlic for soups, pesto
rosemary Rosmarin yes fresh needle leaves
sage Salbei yes fresh or dried leaves
savory Bohnenkraut   dried leaves, for green beans and peas
star anise Sternanis   dried star shaped fruit
tarragon Estragon   fresh or dried leaves
thyme Thymian yes fresh or dried leaves

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