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In the English language there are not many words beginning with GN. The G is silent (mostly). I use gnome sometimes; and gnarl, gnash, gnat, gnaw, gnocchi, gnomon and gnu not very often. A few words:

Gnaphalium gnar gnarl gnarled gnarling gnarly gnarr gnarred gnarring gnash gnashed gnashing gnat gnatcatcher gnathal gnathastegite gnathic gnathidia gnathidium gnathion gnathite gnathonic gnathopod gnathopodite Gnathostoma Gnathotheca gnatling gnatworm gnaw gnawable gnawed gnawer gnawing gnawn

Gneiss gneissic gneissoid gneissose gnocchi gnome gnomic gnomish gnomist gnomologic gnomological gnomology gnomon gnomonic gnomonical gnomonics gnomonology gnoscopine gnoses gnosis gnostic gnostical gnosticism gnotobiotic gnotobiotical gnu

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