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In the English language there are many adjectives beginning with the letter D which have a negative meaning. Use these D-words to describe your favourite person, friend, project, company, partner or whatever:

daemonic daft damaged damaging damnable damnatory damned damning dangerous dank dapocaginous darkled dashed dastardly dated daubed dazed dazzled

dead deadened deadly deathly debarred debased debauched debilitated debilitating decadent decapitated decayed deceased deceitful deceived deceptive decimated declined decomposed decrepit decried defaced defalcated defamed defeasible defeated defective defenceless defenestrated deferred deficient defiled deflated deflected deflowered deformed defrauded defrocked defunct degenerate degenerating degraded dehumanised dejected delated delayed deleted deleterious delinquent delirious deluded deluged delusive demented demised demolished demoniacal demoralised demoralising demoted denied denigrated denounced dense dented denuded departed deplorable deported deposed deposited depraved deprecated depreciated depressed deprived derailed deranged derelict derisive derisory derogatory desecrated deserted desolate despairing desperate despicable despised despoiled despondent destitute destroyed destructive desultory detached deteriorated deterred detestable detested dethroned detrimental devalued devastated deviant devilish devious devitalised devoid

diabolical dicky diddled difficile diffused dilapidated diluted diminished diminutive dingy dire dirty disabled disadvantaged disaffected disagreeable disallowed disappearing disappointing disapproved disarranged disarrayed disastrous disavowed disbanded discarded discharged discoloured discombobulated disconcerted disconnected discontinued discordant discounted discouraged discouraging discourteous discredited discrepant discriminatory disdainful diseased disembowelled disenchanted disfigured disgorged disgraced disgruntled disgusting disheartened dishevelled dishonest dishonourable disillusioned disingenuous disintegrated disinterred disjointed disliked disloyal dismal dismantled dismayed dismembered dismissed disobedient disorderly disorganised disoriented disowned disparaged dispensable displaced disposable disposed dispossessed disputed disqualified disregarded disreputable disrupted dissipated dissolute dissonant distasteful distended distorted distracted distraught distressed distrusted disturbed disturbing disused dithering diverted divested divided dizzy

docked doctored doddery dodgy doleful dolorous doltish doomed doped dotty doubtful dowdy downcast downtrodden dozy

drab drastic dratted drawling dreaded dreadful dreary drenched dribble dribbling drippy drivelling drooling drooping droopy dropped dross drowsy drugged drunk

dubious dud duff dull dumb dumbfounded dumped dunderheaded dusty dwindling dying dysfunctional

The word discombobulated is odd, but The Economist uses it. The word darkled however, I find very suspect, possibly a made-up trap-word in Oxford dictionaries.

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