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A birthday calendar is typically a whole year of 366 days, but without weekday names and year number. February has 29 days. A birthday calendar is valid for every year.

Write the names of your family and friends on their corresponding birthdays on the birthday calendar and hang it on the refrigerator door. Birthdays? Easy! Just look at the birthday calendar once a week – no forgetting.

The birthday calendar is suitable for all dates on fixed days of the year – birthdays (with year of birth), anniversaries (with year), fixed festivals and so on; but no use at all for Easter or the annual office party.

There are better birthday calendars to be found on the net, this one is pretty basic.

Below are the links for a birthday calendar on three pages for you to print out and my herb and spice chart.

  1. BIRTHDAY CALENDAR – January to April
  2. BIRTHDAY CALENDAR – May to August
  3. BIRTHDAY CALENDAR – September to December

Herbs and Spices that I use – a very short list of herbs and spices

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