Jennffer and the porcelain


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Copyright © 2010, Michael M Wayman

Big surprise! Who was that person with the white as porcelain face in the mirror?

However the days were getting longer, the weather warmer and everything greener. Very odd for me, back home it is always hot and dry except the week when it rains.

The school work was very easy, Susan was right, I was too old for the first class, perhaps I should skip a year.

I looked at my passport for the first time. Yes, another surprise. I was the same age as Susan, she was right. My name was not Jennffer, Susan had told me that there was no such name as Jennffer. No, she was wrong, everybody calls me Jennffer and I like it.

Susan stopped calling me Jennffer – I am now Mother to her – this is very worrying – Susan has big problems – I have to hold her tight at night – how can I help poor, delicate Susan?