Smitherine of Rabbit in a Red Wine Sauce followed by Throttled Rhubarb Tart.

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He was whispering to her, I knew her, but I did not know him.

I read the last page and there was much applause, I had read the last three chapters of a book written by a local author.

The head librarian stood up and thanked me for the reading. “Mrs Fulltrain, you have read the entire ‘Revenge in the Village’ to us and very good it was too, all four parts.”

“The formal part of the monthly library meeting is finished. And there is tea and coffee for everyone, biscuits too.

I went over to Mrs Thimble­thwaite and she introduced me to Johnnie, “He’s my boyfriend, you know.” I didn’t know, but I found Johnnie very interesting, “He’s very interesting, you know.” Probably, but I didn’t cringe like Johnnie did.

Later in the week I got a phone call from granny, did I want to lunch with her on Saturday? I certainly did. Hopefully Johnnie would also be there.

Yes, he was. He had prepared Smitherine of Rabbit in a Red Wine Sauce followed by Throttled Rhubarb Tart with Hit Cream. It was very good and so was Johnnie – I could've eaten him.

“I’ll just go into the kitchen and load the dishwasher and make coffee.”

With Johnnie not in the room granny used the opportunity to explain about Johnnie’s Walter-Mitty problems and how holding him tight all night made the problem less and that having two people to do the tight holding would probably greatly reduce the severity of the problems…

I think that I had understood that; I was needed, I needed to sleep with Johnnie, because he needed that. He needed two special persons of the type – I’ll use a technical term here – big sexy lump.