Frau Alpert and Madness – the Doctor

No wonder that he is unhinged.

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Copyright © 2007, Michael M Wayman

That awful woman. This is the worse case of dependency that I have ever had. The man is completely demented and it's all that woman's fault. That awful woman. She controls him. No wonder that he is unhinged.

The cure is obvious: the woman must leave him, drop him, right now. It will be hard for him, but maybe he can pull through and when not, well, he has no chance anyway. It is the only solution, I always use it, get rid of the woman and everything will be all right. This woman I would like to get rid of by pushing her down the stairwell. I would enjoy doing that.

No, all our problems are caused by women. Think about it! And you will, after a few minutes, realise how right I am. If I had my way I would shoot all the women on this planet. Then we would be OK. Then our future would be secure.