There had been four tracks with a live third rail.

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We landed near the Clockhouse Roundabout in Farnborough. We had wanted to land at Horsell Common, but there were too many greenies. The two of us jumped out of the plasticopter with our plasterboard containers and there we were alone.

It looked normal, the buildings were all there, but no people, no cars, no street furniture. Everything made of metal was gone, no street lights, no roadsigns, just heaps of plastic bits and pieces. We were not alone for long, two small greenies came drifting towards us.

I threw some lead-barium pellets at them, they stopped to eat them, very nice, except for the barium centres which caused them to explode in green flames. Bad news, along came some bigger greenies from the direction of Queensmead, our planned destination.

Plan C, we ran north to Frimley. I looked down on the main railway line, there had been four tracks with a live third rail, but now just sleepers.

No, something inside me told me not to go into Frimley. What now? “Let's take the Blackwater Valley Road and find the Sandhurst group.”

Now, you are maybe thinking that that road is wide and empty and dangerous, the greenies could attack at any time. But why, all the metal signs and barriers were gone, just concrete bridges, nothing more to interest the greenies.

We walked past Sainsbury's, but no sign of life; got to Blackwater, passed the white elephant and walked up Laundry Lane. We hadn't seen anybody since our ride in the plasticopter.

Suddenly two hundred children. “Who are you?” One of them waved a gun at us.

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