steps out

The cat steps out.

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The cat could see all the men seated in the hall, he could see the row of very important men on the stage, he could see the man at the front of the stage. The man at the front was speaking to all the men about the wonder in the glass box on the table before him.

The man at the front and the fish in the glass box were full of hate and nastiness and evil – enough to make you sick.

The cat thought about Betty, he had to do it for Betty. He jumped onto the table and hit the man’s head with a left paw, EOM. The man fell backwards into the row of men who tried to support him. The man fell forwards and pushed the glass box onto the floor, EOF.

Shatter, shatter. The cat sprang down from the table and disappeared into the duct wherefrom it came.

“And a big welcome for Mike Hurdy, the spokesperson of the Black Corner Group.”

“Thank you, Fabiola. Thank you for having me on your FAB SHOW.”

“I understand that your group is heavily into violence and...”

“Yes, that’s right. Let me tell you about the Black Corner Group. We are a group of people who are very strong and very violent. We have branches in most towns and metropolitan areas.”

“Can anybody join, Mike?”

“No, no one joins the group. It is not a club, not a team, no subscriptions. You are informed that you are in the group, that's it, you can't leave. Karate clubs, Chop Suey teams, Judo clubs, prison authorities, the police all make recommendations. We take everybody who is very strong and very violent.”

“But don't let the word violent shock you, Fab. It does not have to be evil, it means a readiness to use strength. Most branches hold what we call a violence every month or two; we knock down unwanted trees, demolish buildings, crush old bicycles and so on. We invite the public – the emphasis is on violence to things and not to persons.“

“And what about your other activities?”

“No comment.”

“And especially your recent activities in Smalltown, Mike?”

“I’m going to surprise you and not say ‘no comment’. The truth is that we don’t have members who are cats and we don’t have a branch in Smalltown. Most of our members don’t have pets and are single. All I know about Smalltown is what I read in the media.”

“Mike, let’s look at the video of the man with the fish aquarium in Smalltown in slow motion, the cat jumps on to the table, the cat hits the man’s head with its left paw, the man falls back and then forwards again and smashes the aquarium. Stop, let’s do that again but watching the cat only.”

“The cat jumps onto the table and wearing what around its neck? Is it a chain with a pendant, or perhaps a brooch? A black triangular brooch? Oh, stop! The latest news: the mayor of Smalltown has just been found dead in his office with a paw-shaped hole in his head.”

Mike slept on it, Mike thunk it out. Perhaps there was a special cat in Smalltown, perhaps Betty was playing the part of the cat. He thought that it was extremely likely that Betty was involved some how. Anyway he thought it prudent to set up a Black Corner Group branch in Smalltown ASAP – he would send two of his best people to arrange it.

“You’ve heard all the standard stuff, the speeches for the opening of a new branch of the Black Corner Group, the opening of the branch here in Smalltown. I want to emphasise again, that you can call on us in Bigtown if you need that extra bit of advice. We are also prepared to come here and help. That includes Betty, especially Betty. And now for a toast: to the happiness of all our members!”

At last, thought Betty, have a drink and have a dance. She jumped onto a table and danced. Cheers! Suddenly she stopped.

Angie entered the room carrying a large cat. The cat jumped onto the table, he stood on his hind paws and slapped paws/hands with Betty.

Betty took the cat’s paws in her hands and the two of them danced. Everyone danced, everyone was happy.