office daze

In the office, in the office.

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There are many ways of being crazy. He knew them all. He bit the carpet. Just one way to appal. For a picture quick and obscene, Sit on the photo-copy machine! Peroblerm: ERverery timer I hit ther ER-kery I gert ER and ER. Solution: ERermover ther sticky cerap bertwerern ther ER and ER kerys. There was a naked girl lying face down on the bed. Well, I've got to have somewhere to put the bike. Every problem with a PC can be solved by turning it off. And not turning it on again. Our microwave oven is so small, The department leader doesn't fit in at all.

Unser Mikrowellengerät ist zu klein, Der Abteilungsleiter passt nicht hinein.

Have you read rub and arrive and Saturday afternoon?