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26 Dec 2008 – New offcuts for 2009 started!
The old offcuts for 2008 and 2007 are still here; and the index of titles and recipes. Also the index of German stories Deutch

16. Dez 2008 – Ich kann das Wort Geschichte nicht richtig buchstabieren.
Nicht besonders geschickt.

10 Dec 2008 – The sweet little thirteen stories are new.

24 Nov 2008 – GN-words and links are very popular at the moment

13 Nov 2008 – The homepage has been redesigned.
I hope you like it.

12 Nov 2008 – Happy B-Day! This website is one year old today!
It started with 20 pieces of content, now there are over 300 stories, offcuts, recipes and notes.
To celebrate the second ten-part Colin story is now online.

6 Nov 2008 – doing a creative writing course today

20 Oct 2008 – what?
I'm trying to decide and everyone says something different.
Do I write stories? Yes!
Do I write ordinary stories? Sometimes!
Do I write absurd stories?
Do I write weird stories?
Do I write funny stories?
Do I write humorous stories?
Do I write humourous stories? No, humorous stories!
Do I write odd stories? crazy stories? strange stories?
Do I write witty stories? comic stories? ridiculous stories?
Do I write nonsense stories? mad stories? insane stories?

7. Okt 2008 – keine neue deutsche Ideen

3 Oct 2008 – Back from my hols
More Treacle and Nurse stories are inside my head. Sorry about the two bad link.

11 Sept 2008 – new Nurse sequence started

5 Sept 2008 – navigation bar on the homepage is new.

2 Sept 2008 – new collection of stories
I have started a new collection of stories at Treacle
The collections Shorts and Partly German and Frau Alpert are now complete.
Toby and Julie in shorts and Cuthbert and his harem are also complete.

1 Sept 2008 – wanted
This story is being heavily targeted by porno websites.

16 Aug 2008 – 250 pieces of content
are now online. Bad link at links fixed. Sorry!

10 Aug 2008 – There's a black kettle on all pages now
linked to the homepage.

3 Aug 2008 – links is new.
It is an ongoing list of externals links that may be of interest to you.

27 July 2008 – new black kettle
Old black kettle at old stuff.

24. Juli 2008 – Deutlich Deutsch
40 deutsche Sachen und 200 englische „pieces of content“ jetzt online.

1 July 2008 – the Torkle sequence
I have put Enda online, but I am really not certain whether anyone is going to like this – please email me!

30 June 2008 – torch
Are you ready for the Torkle sequence?

26. Juni 2008 – Katz und Maus
Magret sagte meine deutsche Geschichten sind ein Bisschen wie Katz und Maus von Günter Grass.

21 June 2008 – still blocked
But how to get things done is new.

25 May 2008 – despite blockage
I have put online the last Toby and Julie and Cuthbert and his harem stories.

19 May 2008 – blockage
Although the weather is good I'm not writing very much at the moment; but I know from experience that suddenly one day soon I will have a head full of new ideas. Funny things our heads.

10 May 2008 – Quick list of newest stuff on homepage.
There are now three boxes of new stories and neue Geschichte and random mix on the homepage.

1 May 2008 – evil and Emma
The two new Frau Alpert stories.

8 April 2008 – Big surprise for me.
I started a new Frau Alpert story. And I thought that the theme was complete – I have obviously no control about what I write.

24 March 2008 – Got a faster Internet connection.

19 March 2008 – The ten-part story door-to-door with Colin is really complete.
Sorry about that, the last part get lost is there now.

18 March 2008 – CELEBRATION!
One year ago I started to write, the website is four months old and has 200 pages. I met someone once at a wedding on this day of the year.

13 March 2008 – Improved the homepage.
Is it better? Email me!

11 March 2008 – The ten-part story door-to-door with Colin is complete.
Colin is a young man now and is waiting to start his adult life. Another multi-part story is in my head.

6 March 2008 – The new man is Toby

23 Feb 2008 – Mad or not, Frau Alpert is complete.

20 Feb 2008 – Started a new offcuts page for 2008.
The offcuts for 2007 are still there; and new is an index of titles.

13 Feb 2008 – Got reamed, had a coloscopy, but no problems!

12 Feb 2008 – Over 80 stories on the website. Many new Cuthbert stories.

2 Feb 2008 – The madness really starts, see Frau Alpert

15 Jan 2008 – Notes is new. It is about stories.
Well over 100 pieces of content on the website. The index pages are still awful.

11 Jan 2008 – La Bohème brought me to tears.

8 Jan 2008 – Wrote story in twelve hours
First ideas, writing and publication on this website all within 12 hours.

3 Jan 2008 – Experimenting with better index pages, less lurid, see Frau Alpert
Karen says that the homepage is awful.

2. Jan 2008 – Achim hat 2 Links zu dieser Website.

1 Jan 2008 – Frau Alpert got a page to herself.
The website is still very simple with 53 stories, 15 offcuts, awful icons, no frames and no style guide.

4. Dez 2007 – Ilsabé sagt ich schreibe wie Franz Hohler.
Ich nehme das als Kompliment.

19. Nov 2007 – Achim emailt:
Die Website ist unter Internet Explorer lesbar. Sieht eigentlich alles soweit gut aus. Wer ist dieser Michael M Wayman? Wohnt in der Nähe von Heidelberg ;-)

12 Nov 2007 – This website started life.
Very simple with 20 pieces of content, 8 offcuts, no pictures, no frames and no style guide. I drank a good bottle of wine that Ralph gave me.

10. Okt 2007 – H-Town geschrieben.
Bis jetzt ist das Stuck, das längste das ich auf Deutsch geschrieben habe. Es geht um Heidelberg.

18 July 2007 – Susie says that first is scary.
It is based on true happenings. I was tripped up in the playground. I did spend Xmas in hospital as a kid with septicaemia and I still have the scars on my left leg.

June 2007 – Roger said that it is quirky.

20 May 2007 – Wrote pink sheriff
I still don't know what it means.

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