about you

what are you?

Yes, I've written about you. You who read my stories. And who I think you are, but hopefully not who I want you to be.

Many websites have an ABOUT US page, but not many ABOUT YOU!

You can, if you wish, read about me and about this site, the Story Kettle. Or contact me.

I think that you are one in a thousand, one who likes the unordinary, one who likes the Story Kettle. But wait! One in a thousand is not very many. But there are thousands of millions of English readers on this planet – you are not alone.

bear on a loudspeaker

You have a sense of humour. Who would say that they had none? But I think that you have a special sense of humour. Please use it!

Some of you like to download these stories in bulk, that's OK. The stories are mostly text and very small, the whole website is about 12 MegaByte start of 2018.

You probably think that I am arrogant. What right have I to write about you? None!

I shall write more about you when I know more about you. Tell your friends and especially your enemies about this site and discover more.

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