Mrs Tinge stops

Mrs Pearson all in white, Mrs Tinge all in black.

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Nottingham knew that it was important, he always wanted to help, he pulled the cart, but no faster than a slow trot – Nottingham had very short legs. As he pulled the cart into the town square the crowd roared.

Mrs Tinge had got what she wanted – she had wanted Mrs Pearson's body, all of it – Mrs Tinge had got it. Mrs Tinge had got something else, she did not want it, she did not need it, she did not know what it was, she did not know that it existed.

Mrs Tinge did not know what to do with it, Mrs Tinge stopped, she stopped doing everything. Mrs Pearson did everything, she fed her, she washed her, she dressed her, she kissed her. Mrs Pearson liked doing this, Mrs Tinge liked it too. The happiness ran down their faces.

After two months Mrs Tinge gradually woke up, she talked, she said nice things to Mrs Pearson, she had the urge to fumble, all those lovelies that were waiting for her. Mrs Pearson was making the arrangements for the wedding.

Did Mrs Pearson love her? Did she love Mrs Pearson? She didn't know. She did and she did too. Mrs Tinge didn't know, but whatever Mrs Pearson was doing to her was good, very good.

They were dressed in the best, Mrs Pearson all in white, Mrs Tinge all in black and the driver in grey with a top hat; though Nottingham knew the way to the middle of the town square. The square was full, everybody knew that Mrs Pearson owned the biggest factory in town and Mrs Tinge knew all the women in the town or at least a certain part of them.

The mayor strode out of the town hall to meet them – he wore his best and a heavy gold chain around his neck. He performed the wedding ceremony, Mrs Pearson and Mrs Tinge exchanged rings and kissed. The crowd cheered and a marching band appeared from behind the town hall and played music all around the square. The marquee tent opened and food and drink was to be had by all.

Mrs Pearson and Mrs Tinge got into the cart again and Nottingham pulled them to the railway station – the start of their honeymoon. Mrs Tinge did not know where they were going, she didn't care, she wanted to be with Mrs Pearson.

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