fit Miss Tee Vee

I must say that you have wonderful lovelies.

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Copyright © 2014, Michael M Wayman

“Hello everybody, my name is Miss Tee Vee, welcome to my morning afternoon show. Today we are with Mrs Tinge, who fits all the rich and famous.”

Camera closes up on Miss Tee Vee's chest and Miss Tee Vee shoves the microphone underneath Mrs Tinge's nose.

“Hello Miss Tee Vee, welcome to my fitting room. I am very pleased to fit you with a nice bra. I must say that you have wonderful lovelies.”

Miss Tee Vee is puzzled, then embarrassed.

“Are you going to wind a tape measure all around me, Mrs Tinge?”


“Oh, how are you going to measure me?” Puzzled.

“I measure the lovelies directly with my fingers and hands.”

“You want to put your hands on my blouse?” Embarrassed.

“No, directly on the lovelies, if you could take off your...”

“Wait a moment, this is a family show, there are children watching...”

“Miss Tee Vee, I spoke about this to your producer about five minutes ago. I thought it was understood. I think that someone has set you up, wants to make fun of you...”


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