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Welcome to the Story Kettle! Stories to make you laugh, stories to make you cry, more than 700 short stories, crazy stories, DIY stories, love stories, German stories, humorous stories, absurd stories, odd stories, unordinary stories, sister stories, offcuts and bits of my life all by Michael M Wayman.

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Did your mother sing to you when you were very young? A lullaby to send you to sleep? I remember fragments of those songs and have been able to find...   Continue reading...

The greenies have taken over the island, there are not many humans left. Jim Power has been sent to contact a group of survivors, if he can find any. He has a companion, a satellite telephone, some lead-barium pellets, a gun and something very...   Continue reading...

She's a very naughty girl. She's into disappearing and reappearing. She especially likes hitting the Vicar, but she does not like being shouted at or being hit with a cane, she just wants to disappear and be somewhere...   Continue reading...


Geschichten für ErwachseneNottinghamauch AngelaErzählungenwie Muttizeig mirdas 'EckHattieBelgienStückchen   Deutch

Es ist November, ich bin am Ende des Monats eingeladen, ein Advents­essen, Gänse­braten. Was soll ich mitbringen, ich hatte und habe keine Ahnung, soll ich jedem eine Geschichte, eine Erzählung schreiben?   Weiter lesen...   Deutch

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